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  1. Snow

    Buying adult baby things

    So me and my girlfriend are looking to buy a bunch of adult baby items. You know diapers, bibs, bottles, pacifiers, onsies, plastic pants, sailor suits, hi chairs, cribs, well you get the idea. Problem is we dont really know where to go to find this kinda stuff. Anybody know of any good places...
  2. Snow

    On Tv

    Idk if anyone would be interested, but the national geographic channels taboo program is going to be show a segment about infantilisim. the name of the episode is "fantasy lives" and its airing may 2 at 10pm Just incase your interested
  3. Snow

    Favorite Local Disposable

    Im wondering, whats everyones favorite local brand. You know, like the ones they sell in local stores and supermarkets. Like for example: Depends, Tena, Attends, store brand, ect.
  4. Snow


    Hello, Im new to this site. Im a 20 year guy and I am a DL i guess i could say and ive had my fetish for 5 years now and its always touch and go. Whenever im in a relationship it usually goes away and when im not it comes back. Im having a hard time accepting it as part of my life and ive...
  5. Snow

    Get rid of it

    Has anyone ever tried to get rid of their fetish?