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  1. Brickhouse


    My team lead is pretty much everything I could ask for. Very laid back and friendly, he's usually willing to joke around, and he's always willing to help, but at the same time he's very good at managing everything. He fits the persona of what our company is supposed to be perfectly.
  2. Brickhouse

    What diaper are you wearing right now?

    I was wearing a very wet ABU Cushie, but I had to take it off cuz SOMEBODY thought I needed a bath *pouts*
  3. Brickhouse

    Snuggies Diapers

    Exactly. Simple fact is, their business model doesn't inspire much confidence at this point.
  4. Brickhouse

    Windows XP Support Ending Soon

    How do you figure? No business on the planet is buying computers with XP on them. If anything, the XP machines are the ones getting tossed. We're in the process of getting rid of all the office PCs at the stores we support that still have XP, and as a support technician, the sooner that day...
  5. Brickhouse

    Windows XP Support Ending Soon

    Not sure how that makes them any different from any other company, but okay. It can be done if your drive is partitioned properly. GRUB should override the Windows BCD.
  6. Brickhouse

    Windows XP Support Ending Soon

    You apparently never got to experience the joy of joys that was Windows ME. :P At least 8.1 is somewhat stable. ME would force-close everything if you gave your monitor a dirty look.
  7. Brickhouse

    Snuggies Diapers

    Yeah, they're not going to get many investors with the way their website is set up right now.
  8. Brickhouse

    Bath Time

    I love baths, just soaking in the hot water relaxes me. I'll have to get a rubber ducky one of these days. :D
  9. Brickhouse

    Important Tip For When Peeing In the Shower

    I, uhhhhh, thought everybody peed in the shower... <.< >.>
  10. Brickhouse

    Windows XP Support Ending Soon

    Agree with all of this. Creating a law forcing Microsoft to continue to support Windows XP (or ME, or 2000, or 98, or 95, or 3.1, because they can't just pick and choose, right?) not only puts another unnecessary law in the books, it makes zero sense. I can't buy a car that was manufactured in...
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    Windows XP Support Ending Soon

    Windows 7 would be my first choice, mainly for compatibility and user-friendliness. I've been working with Linux Mint and a couple different flavors of Ubuntu lately, the progress they're making on them is great but Linux just isn't that practical for me to use. I still have to occasionally...
  12. Brickhouse

    What diaper are you wearing right now?

    Bambino Teddy with a stuffer
  13. Brickhouse

    Finally getting a fursuit!

    Congrats! You'll have a lot of fun with it. :3
  14. Brickhouse

    Snuggies Diapers

    Seems to me like they're jumping the gun a bit on the website. I do hope that these become a reality, if for no other reason than to bring another option for a printed AB/DL diaper into the mix, but their website is a mess right now and there's no clear picture on how close they are to...
  15. Brickhouse

    What song can you not stop listening to? Not a huge fan of post-hardcore, but the clean vocals in this one save it for me.
  16. Brickhouse

    what is it like to live 24/7 or most of the time ?

    This pretty much sums it up for me.
  17. Brickhouse

    Best way to put on a diaper

    If bottom-first is the wrong way to do it, then I don't wanna be right. :P The first time someone else diapered me, they did tops first, and it just didn't work. The diaper was almost too loose for me to even wear.
  18. Brickhouse

    How many footed sleepers do you have, and what colors/designs?

    I have 4 pairs. The first ones I got are light blue (all of mine are blue, now that I think of it) with sleeping elephants on them, I got those from Snug as a Bug. Second pair I got was from Wal-Mart, they're an Eeyore print. I'm not a huge fan of them because they fit a bit tighter than I'd...
  19. Brickhouse

    FurAffinity / Weasyl, other... accounts

    My FA account is here. account is here.
  20. Brickhouse

    Cloth diaper choices: velcro or pull on. Your thoughts?

    That's what I did with my AIO. I just pulled the stitching on the Velcro and used pins, and it seems to work a lot better for me.