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  1. KarmaBaby


    Omg that went WAY too quick ..... I have chronic pain and working with a functional medicine and on my last brain scan my limbic system is stuck in overdrive from trauma which could be causing the anxiety and some of pain. So I’m doing ARDR therapy now which evolves this music thing and talk...
  2. KarmaBaby

    Vinyl pants

    i got these vinyl pants a bit ago and they are HUGE HUGE HUGE! Anyway to shrink a bit? i got the size small even though my hips are 31” and the elastic doesn’t even fit tight on the legs or waist. Can I wash in hot and dry on medium to shrink a bit? and it’s a huge balloon on my body - don’t...
  3. KarmaBaby

    “More childhood”

    hehehehe “worry less, more childhood” .... childhood is now until 140 pounds, I never have to grow up :) [ image removed: personal information shown ] ~KitsuneFox
  4. KarmaBaby

    Grrrr wasted diaper

    Oops .... thought I had enough time to use a full diaper since I already soaked 2 good nites today (I waaaaas suppose to use the potty, bad girl). but now I’m mad because I have a zoom yoga class and my bladder is not releasing much (drank soooo much water) .... I HATE wasting diapers but...
  5. KarmaBaby

    Tena small diapers

    The best that the medical store had but they are great! They don’t wick through like abena S4 that I tried years ago (and NEVER again, they were useless .... outside of the diaper had droplets on it with one pee - goodnites are WAAAAAY better). They feel like cloth baby diapers! And held...
  6. KarmaBaby

    Coop Home health care

    Am I lucky enough to have anyone here that lives in Calgary, AB? Have you been in the coop home health care store on macleod? Wondering what diapers they would carry .... am I lucky enough for them to have molicare? Or will the best I get is tranquility ATN (or not even that?). Wondering if...
  7. KarmaBaby

    Oops ... she knows ...

    Oops ..... I have been wearing only goodnites for the last few days and wetting them. I had on a rascal /friends diaper with my super undies over top but forgot to ensure that the waist band was tucked .... laying down on the couch and wetting. Left to go upstairs and mom calls me “spilt water...
  8. KarmaBaby

    Anyone remember the size?

    I forgot to measure the size of my last goodnite true fit insert. Anyone have know the length/width? Or know what boosters would be a similar size? The underwear is still good but I have no inserts left to fit them :/ My mom is going into surgery next week so I have two days to stock back up on...
  9. KarmaBaby

    Keeping balance

    How do you guys keep balance with ABDL and everything else? I don’t purge at all - everything goes in a box in the closet but definitely binging more than I want ... being wearing and using for 10+ days solid and having a hard time today not putting one on. I can’t afford to go thorough my...
  10. KarmaBaby

    Mom really is oblivious

    ... so it’s hard being an ab when you live with your retired mom who is ALWAYS home, I have have chronic pain and some mental stuff so she does all the driving so almost no time alone. but been wearing goodnights/underjams for 4 days solid now and only using potty a few times. so now the...
  11. KarmaBaby

    Rearz silencer pants

    Does anyone have the rearz silencer pants in size small? I’m wondering what the difference in rise is compared from low rise to high rise. Not sure which one to get. :)
  12. KarmaBaby

    Oops binge again

    Been bad last week and a bit ..... I have been wearing good nights/underjams/Walmart sleep pants all day/night every day. My mom really is oblivious and doesn’t notice at all. I started off only wearing during the day and still using the potty and wetting them before bed, now last 3 days I...
  13. KarmaBaby

    Footie sale

    Snug as a bug is having a huge jammie sale, including a bunch of footed Jammie’s on sale for $20 ...... I just ordered two more ;). Finally found a true adult xsmall that fits!! but Yes I’m 90 pounds, super tiny so I bet these do fit small. 🥰😍
  14. KarmaBaby

    Snug as a bug pjs

    How true are the sizing of snug as a bug footed Jammie’s? They have a super cute one on sale but not sure if xsmall is tiny enough. 25” waist, 32” hips, 5’ 1” and 89 pounds. They say it for 90-110 pounds and 5’ to 5’ 2”. I have bought xsmall adult onesies before (lazy one and walmart) but...
  15. KarmaBaby

    Cloth diapers

    I’ve been trolling the internet for ABDL stuff which I haven’t done for months and there are two new cloth diaper covers for youth that look awesome. Has anyone tried either of them? Applecheeks size 4 I can find this...
  16. KarmaBaby

    Rough Day

    What does everyone do on a very rough day? I am having a very painful day with my chronic migraines (lovely weather change) and it flared up the depression really bad for some reason. These are the days I wish I had someone to take care of me and cuddle me like a toddler. :(
  17. KarmaBaby

    So excited!

    I had a good day in Walmart shopping! Land before time ANNNNND land before time 2 were on sale for $5 . got a baba of juice, grapes, chips/salsa, toys and blankie and movie time!
  18. KarmaBaby

    Molicare super plus

    Are the purple molicare super pluses really discontinued? I finally got the nerve to try some actual adult diapers instead of using pampers and goodnights with diaper covers. I just finished a bag of small molicares and small abenda S4. The molicares fit perfectly and were great!! I found the...
  19. KarmaBaby

    mental health and abdl

    Just wondering how many people see a trend with their baby indulges and lower mental health. I have bad chronic migraines and notice a close correlation with wearing diapers and needed some baby time when my mood is poor or I'm painful (to a point, if my pain goes past that I don't want...
  20. KarmaBaby

    Ordering Goodnights from

    Question - If I order a case of goodnights from would they ship in the original box or ship in a Walmart box? I really don't want a case of goodnights sitting on my doorstep for me to get home from work ... but they are on $22 instead of $35. I hate buying a case of them from the...