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    The Proudest Nappy Wearer

    I was browsing through poetry, as I do, and came across this guy. It may have already been posted before but it's pretty cool. Would have been a hard way to grow up.
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    Does anyone read, listen or write poetry? There was a thread about this but it was years ago and didn't addess the same things. Who's your favourite poet. As in a previous thread, mine is Shane Koyczan who was in the Canadian Winter Olympics opening ceremony. His most famous poem is To This...
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    National Pride Vs National Shame

    On January 26th Australia Day. A day when Australian's come together to celebrate how great their country is and how proud they are to be part of it. The only problem is I'm rarely proud of our country. People always have a go at me for this. "How can you be ashamed to be Australian?" But for...
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    Among the Sleep

    Ok. I did a search and couldn't find this topic! How is that possible? Surely every little with a decent computer has played this game? If not, you have to! Ok, the game for those who haven't played it. Among the Sleep is a very well made indy game Krillbite Studios. In it you play a two year...
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    OCE League of Legends

    Other similar threads are closed. I play LoL a lot at the moment. Anyone else in OCE wanna duo/team up? Adrian
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    ADISC (Abu Dhabi Ice Sports Club)

    Hehe. I was just doing a search in Arabic to see what content there was for Arabic abdls (I'm learning Arabic) and typed in adisc then diapers in Arabic. I have a feeling there are some very confused Arabic ice hockey players who type ADISC into their search engine when searching for their club.
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    South America

    Ahh.. South America. A land with democratically elected governments that don't have presidents that have been placed there by stronger countries governments. I'm sorry. I was kind of dreaming there because Columbia has a president that is funded and put there by the US government. Now...
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    Well, Australia is right into saying sorry to each other at the moment. I'm half expecting the Eagles to say sorry for being a crap team or Shayne Warne to say sorry for being an arrogant idiot. Still, here's the next 2 extremes. 1) (the big one) The Australian government (at least the labor...