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  1. anotherpuppy

    Understanding the "Furry" side of things. :)

    "Transformation" is also a valid interest and then you get to try on everything! It's all Using Your Imagination so don't be afraid to explore and have fun and see what feels nice! Some furs who've had the luck to Always Know one thing they want to be don't always get it, though, or get...
  2. anotherpuppy

    Anyone else enjoy puppy play?

    Extremely! Although I have a pretty confused approach to it because my long-term scene has ended up keeping me in diapers without so much of the anything-else. No complaints from the landlords yet though!
  3. anotherpuppy

    Use of SAP in Ship Safety

    Different field entirely, but a very "you mean they didn't think of that before?" application I just saw is in the tips of microneedles (not very 'micro' in the demo at least) to "tack" skin grafts in place. Apparently the stuff available now (staples? ouch?) isn't very advanced and has a...
  4. anotherpuppy

    No more Depend tape-up diaper briefs at CVS?

    Well, yeah, like I just posted here - - I suddenly needed to restock on "actual diapers" and seems every CVS in my corner of New England no longer stocks the actual taped Depend diapers -...
  5. anotherpuppy

    Quick question about using the UPS store

    Wrrp. Hope this is not thread necrophilia, but apparently CVS stopped carrying the tape-up Depends I've gotten used to, now Depend is all pullups there :dontgetit: and I'm in an odd situation where going out is easier than getting stuff delivered [from a logistical standpoint before even...
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    Tranquility Daytime pull-ups: What the..?

    Yarp. This pup might have to. 'Upon review,' some of it has been the leg, cuz the leakguards sit either very narrow (medium) or wide (large) and are confusing to seat right... "before that" the 'fabric' does sweat enough to leave a dime-size spot between pup's legs on his jeans - where no one...
  7. anotherpuppy

    Tranquility Daytime pull-ups: What the..?

    Woah, pup is back... actually with a number of samples and he's taking notes and will return to paste here. But in the meantime, he just had the most bizarre experience with one of the Tranquility "Daytime" pull-ups. Comfy, cloth-y, and fairly thick, he kinda liked the whole idea until he...
  8. anotherpuppy

    2 types of cubs....

    Does anyone else feel like... Pup doesn't know how to explain it, "The star of their own TV show?" Not in the egotistical sense, but in the "Today's episode is about..." sense. Some episodes are boring or enlightening (work, study). Some are one kind of adventure, or another! Some are...
  9. anotherpuppy

    Juvenile Diapers You Would Like To See In Adult Sizes

    You've got a point. :) But certain of these widely-available commercial products demonstrate a really good ability to wick that's clearly limited by the overall 'reservoir'.. so pup's really just bemoaning the general suckiness of what's on the pharmacy shelf, and thinks the manufacturers are...
  10. anotherpuppy

    Tranquility ATN review

    *Hee,* just tried one myself from an order of samples, similar experience here with Medium size. Pup's baseline has actually been Depend lately (fitted and pull-up), and those seem to be 'cut' differently than everything else on the planet, so will say that: Where a Depend "S/M" brief tapes...
  11. anotherpuppy

    Juvenile Diapers You Would Like To See In Adult Sizes

    Pullupspullupspullupspullupspullupspullupspullupspullupspullupspullupspullupspullupspullupspullupspullupspullupspullups! Which he guesses means Goodnites or something, but pup was raised in the '80s and doesn't remember what was on those labels. Why are manufacturers so stingy with absorbency...
  12. anotherpuppy

    Depends pull-up waistband patterns?

    Another weird one, but just a curiosity this time. Pup's regularly been wearing the Depends "for Men" (and boy-pups) pullups because they're available and fit and all that good stuff (and trying other brands again, he's also reminded he really likes the 'firm' feel of their gel.. now if only...
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    Hi everyone!

    *wagwagwagwagwag!* *sniff!* *Arp!*
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    Pup needs help! CVS sizing?

    <Sega>Rise from your grave!</Sega> So yeah, for pup's measurements above (maybe he should take them again and add'm here), and CVS "Fitted Briefs" with the velcro tapes: Large is huuuge, pup can tape right to the padding - maybe 5" overlap on the wings? - and it feels a little baggy and saggy...
  15. anotherpuppy

    What diaper are you wearing right now?

    Pup's in a six-tape Depend Max right now, since you asked. ^_^ Crinkly, but no one's around...
  16. anotherpuppy

    Pup needs help! CVS sizing?

    Arp! This thread will never die! Pup burned (maybe that's not the word ^^) through all the pull-ups and will soon everything else, so will maybe reserve this new last post for comparisons with other products, especially as far as getting the size info out there. Pup did make one other...
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    Nah, I'll take care of it right here!

    Nah, I'll take care of it right here!
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    Pup needs help! CVS sizing?

    Yirp. Pup resurrects this thread because he got tired of 'capacity issues' with his old stockpile - and the new Adjustables - so broke down and took the advice here to try the taped brief in "Large" (which in CVS incarnation claims '45"-58"' on the package without specifying waist or hip). Pup...
  20. anotherpuppy

    Plushies in stores?

    Pup actually meant this particular Aurora model that musta been less Googlable than he thought it would goog: Aurora Tundra Husky Dog (note paws stretched out so you can snuggle him properly, but could use some embiggening!) Pup actually peeked around the local Walgreens, but pup thinks it's...