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  1. abdl690

    St. Louis Medical supplies

    No, St. Louis is terrible, as far as I have seen. I've even been in some of those more "specialty" pharmacies, you know not like Walgreens or CVS... I'm guessing you're looking for something like this for the convenience of not getting a box shipped to your door? What I do to remedy that is...
  2. abdl690

    CollegeHumor Envies Littles...

    Well, not really, but they just posted this: 5 Baby Products That They Should Make For Adults - CollegeHumor Article
  3. abdl690

    do you know the phonetic alphabet?

    I use it extensively every day being a pilot. Our aviation weather sources often use it to identify with 'version' is active. Also, essentially anytime you are flying a part 91 aircraft (in simple terms, a "small, general aviation" aircraft) you have to use the phonetic alphabet for the...
  4. abdl690

    Facebook Question

    What's wrong with simply highligting it all, copying, and pasting? O well, whatever. If you access tha chat string via the message icon on the top bar, you can save the whole thing as a webpage which can be saved and accessed whenever, even without an internet connection. Another option is to...
  5. abdl690

    Interesting Observation from Omegle

    So I was on Omegle for quite a while earlier, using the spy feature and asked, "What is your favorite fetish that others might condiser "weird"?" I was shocked at how many responded with furry. I didn't actually count, but I'd say it had to be 30-40%. Just thought it was interesting.
  6. abdl690

    Hiking and Diapers

    I would personally advise against it. I just know how uncomfortable mine becomes when walking across campus on a hot day. I can't image the discomfort after an all-day hike.
  7. abdl690

    Useful aspects of wearing a diaper

    I would think if you're wearing a wetsuit, you could just go and nobody would be any the wiser. When divers are most likely to use diapers is when wearing a drysuit, generally reserved for cold-water dives. Drysuits, as their name implies, creates a complete air/waterproof barrier (unlike...
  8. abdl690

    sample packs help

    Agreed. ABU is the only one that comes to mind with 12 in the pack. Some places allow you to create your own, such as at
  9. abdl690

    Diapers and...........

    I often like to wear really thick diapers with a pair of footie pajamas. I generally just sleep or lounge around watchin TV wearing those. If I'm going to be moving around much, then I really prefer wearing pajama pants and a shorter t-shirt. Since they're loose and thin, I can really hear...
  10. abdl690

    Useful aspects of wearing a diaper

    It actually was mentioned (post #8). And for me it's really the only time that it's worth it. Yes, it would be quicker to just run to the bathroom, but I'll trade the slightly longer clean-up for not missing any of the movie I'm paying 15-freakin'-bucks to see. Wearing one in in public has...
  11. abdl690

    Wearing in Public - last experience

    I used to be extremely petrified at the mere thought of wearing in public. I always had it in my mind that everybody would immediately notice. What showed me the error of my thinking was the fact that I openly carry a self-defense firearm wherever legal. (Please, don't hijack the thread for a...
  12. abdl690

    Should I buy a package of 14 Abena Abri-Form - X-Plus diapers?

    I have heard from a few people that have, in the past, recieved direct mail advertising from NorthShoreCare. (Although I have not ordered from them myself, so I cannot say conclusively, and this is just hearsay.) I personally recommend getting them from You're paying the same...
  13. abdl690

    Bug Report Double posting on quotes / Multiple quote notifications

    I've gotten this several times in the last few minutes. Quick fix by going to "edit" and removing the second portion, but it's kinda annoying. (Using IE9)
  14. abdl690

    I'm thinking of going 24/7 for a bit while I'm at college...

    Absolutely agree about the M2's. I got a couple in a sample pack from XPMedical, and was shocked at their performance, considering their size. They are great for those of us who are still not comfortable wearing a "full sized" diaper such as the M4, Molicare, or the like. The M2 really isn't...
  15. abdl690

    Ordering from

    Has anybody ever ordered diapers from There are some great prices on Molis, but I can't find any information regarding discreete shipping. Thanks for your input!
  16. abdl690

    I'm thinking of going 24/7 for a bit while I'm at college...

    I've never used Bambinos, but from what I hear, they hold less than Dry 24/7's. I have a very large bladder and drink a lot, and I rarely fill them in a 8-10 hour night. If I want to make full use of them, I'm putting them on a few hours before bed, and leave them on for a few after I wake up.
  17. abdl690

    Microsofts New Toy

    The original MS tablet flopped because it was: 1- Ahead of it's time. The networks and such needed to make the best use of it was not in place yet. 2- Released at the downturn of the economy. People won't buy stuff they don't need when their money suddenly isn't worht as much.
  18. abdl690

    Microsofts New Toy

    Sorry, but time for a small rant... I'm sick of all this crap about Microsoft FINALLY after 2 years releasing a 'version' of the "almighty" and "innovative" iPad. :wallbash: Everybody thinks that Apple was the first to come up with this design, and got sucked into it just becase it has that...
  19. abdl690

    Looking for a mid-range diaper to wear around

    I'm another one here for the M2. I recently got a sample of them from XPMedical, and was extremely shocked at how much they held, considering how small they were. They're what I'm gonna be purchasing next. Much more cost effective than Dry 24/7s, considering I don't even fill them to...