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  1. abdl690

    CollegeHumor Envies Littles...

    Well, not really, but they just posted this: 5 Baby Products That They Should Make For Adults - CollegeHumor Article
  2. abdl690

    Interesting Observation from Omegle

    So I was on Omegle for quite a while earlier, using the spy feature and asked, "What is your favorite fetish that others might condiser "weird"?" I was shocked at how many responded with furry. I didn't actually count, but I'd say it had to be 30-40%. Just thought it was interesting.
  3. abdl690

    Ordering from

    Has anybody ever ordered diapers from There are some great prices on Molis, but I can't find any information regarding discreete shipping. Thanks for your input!
  4. abdl690

    Help with absorbancy rating conversions!

    I love XP Medical, because they list the absorbancy in fl. oz. This I can relate to, unlike the "drops" and "bears" rating used by Bambino and ABU, respectively. Is there anywhere that states the range in oz. or mL, or whatever for these two companies? Thanks!
  5. abdl690

    Appologies for the belated introduction.

    I'll admit it, I first joined with every intention of being a lurker for a while. Fortunately, I soon began posting and interracting more. I have learned so much in the past few weeks which I was more active. Before discovering ADISC, I only wore in my house, when nobody was near. I had an...
  6. abdl690

    Boxer/briefs or compression/bicycle shorts?

    Which would you suggest. I'm looking to contain the noise a bit more while wearing in public, as well as keep them from sagging. Thanks for your suggestions!
  7. abdl690

    Onsie/Bodysuit VS. boxer/briefs

    I am looking for something to help keep up a wet diaper, and help keep the noise down. From what I've heard, a bodysuit or boxer/briefs both do a good job. I do kinda want a onsie tho, for the times I like to be more babyish. The onsie would also look like an undershirt, so it wouldn't be...
  8. abdl690

    Just how 'descreet' is the packaging?

    I normally just buy Depends Fitted Maximum from Walgreens, and those have worked pretty well for me and my (small) budget. I have recently been wanting to splurge and buy some higher quality 24/7's, Bambinos, XP Medical, etc... Since I live with my parents (on breaks) or a roomate (at...