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    Windows 8

    What's everyone's view on Microsoft's rumored to be the next vista? For me I've been using it on my laptop and desktop and I've gotta say that I like the improvements I get for gaming and other intensive CPU/GPU applications. I really don't care too much for the metro UI but the apps that are...
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    Hitman absolution

    The new hitman game is in my opinion the best one to date. I've seen couple of reviews saying it was too easy with too many cutscenes, but in my opinion it's actually more difficult for me to achieve the silent assassin award and the cutscenes add great to the story that has already impressed...
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    AB/DL game

    I was think that after I learn the required language for programming that I might start making an AB/DL game, if I have the time. It would be awesome if adisc or daily diapers rounded up a team to start a kick starter project for such game. But we can only dream, I know I would buy such game...
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    Best thriller of 2012

    I just watched Argo and I have to say this is the best thriller I have watched to date. Has anyone else seen this? If so what did you think of it.
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    The 5 of November

    Remember, remember, the 5th of November The Gunpowder Treason and plot; I know of no reason why Gunpowder Treason Should ever be forgot. Anyone doing anything for the 5 of november? Am celebrating by watching v for vendetta.
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    Still no power.

    Am I the only one still without power? Also my state is in "a state of emergency" and I haven't been able to get to work would I qualify for low earnings something in that sort? But it's been hell here in WV anyone else felling the same way?
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    Xbox RAGE

    My day just got a hell of a lot crappier, no pun there. But sadly someone just got a hold of my Xbox account and decide to go on a buying spree. Lucky for me Support is actually helpful and is prevented anything else. Someone please cheer me up, I am on pins and needles.
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    Adult diapers not cutting it for me

    Am I the only one that hates the look and the smell of adult diapers? I mean I have tried ab universes diapers and they are one of the diapers companies that kinda of avoids this but still sparks my hate. It's just adult diapers make me feel like I am of dying age in a nursing home, I really...
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    Just got my ABUcushies in today all I have to say is I love them. Man these things hold a ton, I've been in this one for like 4 hours and let 3 or 4 decent sized wetting. It might be more but I don't remember, If you're like me and only get baby diapers switch to ABUcushies and don't worry...
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    First time buying from AB universe

    So I just bought a 10pk of cushies from AB universe and I really want to know are they worth it? Also how is the shipping because I am really hoping to get them next Wednesday.
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    Diaper Movie Scenes -

    Whats the best Diaper Scene(s) or Movie in your opinion. Post youtube trailer if you can. I'll start mine would have to be from "We need to talk about Kevin" If you haven't seen it then go do so, I don't want to spoil it so go watch.
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    Pampers size 7 vs huggies overnights size 6

    I saw video on YouTube the other day showing how much bigger the overnights are compared to the pampers size 7.I know the pampers can really expand. So i really wanted to know which one would fit better?
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    Heavy doodie blow out (luvs)

    Just got the new luvs size 6 diaper and they are amazing. They fit kinda tight but perfect, I think I am gonna use these instead of pampers size 7 now
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    Huggies slip on diaper

    Has anyone tried it yet. I want to know cuz I might get some.
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    Going crazy on vacation

    I am finally on vacation in FL just before school starts with my mom and uncle and I have no diapers. Ugh I have never told my mom about my ab/dl side but I am starting to think about doing it so I could get some.But I really don't want to, ugh I am going crazy.Can someone help me through this?
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    Rite aid diaper spree

    I am gonna leave my friends house pretty soon and I was thinking about going to rite aid to get some stuff. I was think luvs size 6 and maybe a bottle. What should I get? P.S. I need to try and keep it under 30
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    Would you hire someone if you knew they were a DL

    I wanted to know if you were a employer and you were hiring and you knew two people both had equal qualities but one was a Diaper lover and the other your average joe. Who would you hire and why? Also little of topic anyone living in WV? lol
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    Really sad and Depressed

    I am really depressed and really need some one just to chat with me. Life is really starting to get to me really really bad. I know most of you don't care to much about people whining about their problems but it helps when someone talks to me. my life is god awful..... I don't have one girl...
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    Hello From WV

    Whats going on guys