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    I just want to cry

    When I joined this site last year, I got chatting with a person who claimed to be living on the west side of the U.K. since march this year we have been chatting all day everyday, I felt that we really was getting to know each other and it got to the point where she would be the first thing I...
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    Latitude Festival 2013

    Hi everyone :-) I just found out I'm going to the Latitude Festival in Suffolk, U.K. next week and wondered if any one here was going to this or any other festivals this year?
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    going to bed wearing diapers

    In have now tried a couple of times to wear a diaper to bed but for some reason i find it difficult to have a good nights kip when i do, is it just me or does other people experience this or is it just coincidence?
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    ok im dumb so can i have a key please?

    Hi all, as ive been interation with others and reading many posts i have come accross aa lot of new words and things that i havent a clue what they mean. Untill i came accross this site all ive ever known are Pull-ups here in the UK and i know i like wearing them...simple yes until now I...
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    DL's boys or girls?

    I would like to know if its mostly boys or girls who love wearing diapers. its been something ive always wondered. if you could let us know if your a boy or girl and what you think. Many thanks :-)
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    hello all :-)

    hi everyone, i hope your all well. I am fan of all sorts of music, enjoy socializing, having a laugh, real ales, reading murder mysteries, and a huge fan of buffy the vampire slayer. For as long as I can remember i have had an interest in nappies and started wearing them when i was 13ish. when...