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  1. Elad92

    Meet Ups & Events

    I'm not sure if this is the right place for this. But I really want to meet other littles and other members of the abdl community and make new friends. Is there anyone around the Bath & Bristol are that would either be interested in making friends or know or any events going on in the area I...
  2. Elad92

    What is it like to poop?

    I have now pooped in my nappy a few times and it certainly is a mixture of emotions. It feels great, naughty and gives you a sense of freedom! Must say the clean up isn't as bad as I thought. The only issue is disposing of them discretely as I live with my family, but luckily I live in a...
  3. Elad92

    Any uk people

    Awesome! I'm from Radstock, Bath. My girlfriend/mummy lives in Bristol!
  4. Elad92

    ABDL Shops

    Hey! Do you know anywhere, other than nappiesrus and abdlmarketplace, that sell abdl stuff that are either in the UK or deliver to the UK. I am really struggling to find anywhere other than them 2. TIA
  5. Elad92

    Any uk people

    What part of Somerset?
  6. Elad92

    I didn't realise I was, got it off Google. I shall change it.

    I didn't realise I was, got it off Google. I shall change it.
  7. Elad92

    How do you get checked?

    Hey everyone. I was wondering how your mummy/daddy/caregiver checked you to see if you need changing? Up to now I've always told mummy when I do but now she has sole responsibility to check and change me at her discretion and was hoping you'd have tips or advice for her. Thanks in advance.
  8. Elad92

    What diaper are you wearing right now?

    I'm wearing Crinklz Aquanaughts Medium. My fav!
  9. Elad92

    What's it like?

    You're welcome PaddedBrony. Hope I was of some help
  10. Elad92

    What's it like?

    I totally get the doing it on a budget. I'm currently doing a degree and not working due to health so struggle with buying nappies and the peripherals like dummies, bottles, toys. So it's a case of 1 thing at a time and prioritising. I wish you the best of luck! I'm happy to talk and offer any...
  11. Elad92

    What's it like?

    The best advice I can give you is to let it evolve naturally and just take it one baby step at a time. I never expected to be an AB but I now wouldn't have it any other way
  12. Elad92

    What's it like?

    I started off as just a dl but over time the ab side just started to emerge. Now I have a little side of me that is 3. I currently have bottle of milk and night time, my gf/mummy changes me, bathes me and dresses me. You just have no worries or responsibilities.
  13. Elad92

    Any uk people

    I'm from Somerset. Live near Bristol
  14. Elad92

    Nappy Deliveries and DPD - UK

    I always use DPD and have the App. On the App you can choose to have it delivered to a safeplace and specify where you want it. Never had any issues.
  15. Elad92

    What's your little age?

    I got 1 year old but I identify more as about 3 years old.
  16. Elad92

    What is it like to poop?

    Thank you for all the help and advice. O really appreciate it all! It has all really helped! Thank you!
  17. Elad92

    What is it like to poop?

    Hey, I've been an abdl for a few months now and the other day I was wearing my nappy (diaper in america) and needed to poop, i was tempted to leave it on but chickened out. I was wondering if anyone could tell me what it's like to poop into your nappy? TIA
  18. Elad92

    Acceptance and first experience tips?

    I started with crinklz diapers, baby powder, cream, wipes, a onesie, a pacifier and a bottle.
  19. Elad92

    How to be more little?

    Thank you Mombasa for your suggestions. I like the idea of going to the zoo. I do have one or two stuffies but definitely need to get more!!!
  20. Elad92

    How to be more little?

    I shall try that. I will get some colouring books this weekend. Thank you.