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  1. Ringo5

    Explaining something to a friend. Help

    So I told my friend about being AB/DL, and he asked me, "Is that any different than being a pedophile?" All I could do is just sit there and stutter out a small, insignificant answer: "yeah, it is." How could I logically explain to him how it's not like being an pedophile? I know the two are...
  2. Ringo5

    What diaper are you wearing right now?

    CVS Fitted Briefs for day and night in Medium :3
  3. Ringo5

    More privacy in room

    Thanks guys. :)
  4. Ringo5

    What song can you not stop listening to? this is my favorite song right now.
  5. Ringo5

    More privacy in room

    I'm almost 19 years old, and due to financial instability I'm stuck at my parents house for an indefinite amount of time. The thing is, I've got my mom and dad who barge into my room on a constant basis. They're very nice people, but they're way over bearing. They're always offering to take my...
  6. Ringo5

    Advice for regressing.

    Wow, thanks for all the information. It was a big read but it helped a ton! I should never have issues regressing again, haha. Thanks!!
  7. Ringo5

    Advice for regressing.

    I try to be like 3-4 years young. It's really hard to find the right actions and words because I'm sorta new to the whole regression thing.
  8. Ringo5

    Advice for regressing.

    I've got a friend who likes to play along with my ab side, however I tend to not be very good at regressing. Any advice or tips on how to regress with my friend?
  9. Ringo5

    Roller Coasters

    This is my favorite roller coaster so far. Hell of a ride!
  10. Ringo5

    Who is your favorite music artist/singer?

    Kurt Cobain (Nirvana) or Dave Grohl (Nirvana and Foo Fighters) Rock on!
  11. Ringo5

    Seeing A Therapist For The First Time (worried)

    So I've had some major anxiety issues for almost the past year that would come and go in huge waves. They mostly have to do with friend drama and acceptance of my sexuality. I finally decided to get some help with my issues about 3 or so months ago and called up a therapist I had when I was a...
  12. Ringo5

    What AB thing do you sleep with at night?

    I sleep with my 3 MLP plushies from build a bear, plus my footed sleeper and a CVS diaper because I wet the bed.
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    I wish more people played this. I'm sure if more people knew about it here on ADISC, then it would definitely have more players. Right now the game is dead. I'm in the daycare because I don't know what else to do :$
  14. Ringo5

    Feedback Requested Irc

    I have a replacement chat. Add me on Skype and ill add you to our little chat.
  15. Ringo5

    Feedback Requested Irc

    Anyone wanna make a skype group chat while we wait? Add me on skype so we can chat. :) Currently out atm, but when i get home ill fix us up with a replacement chat until our IRC home is fixed :3 - - - Updated - - - Also, I assume the admins of ADISC are aware of this right?
  16. Ringo5

    Lied to someone

    THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! AHH THE RELIEF! (apologize for caps, just soo happy now) :)
  17. Ringo5

    Lied to someone

    Thank you so much, you don't even know how much you helped me just now. I've been having extreme anxiety attacks today because of it. I may end up telling him sometime. - - - Updated - - - Thank you ^^ and thanks for the re-assurance. Learned my lesson after this. Haha
  18. Ringo5

    Lied to someone

    I told my friend I use my diapers because I wet the bed, but I don't. He takes me to the store to buy them sometimes when we're out doing things. Am I a horrible person for lying?
  19. Ringo5

    Diapers for summertime

    My friend is about to drive me out so I can pick up some diapers. Any good diapers out there that stay cool and can breathe for summer time? It gets hot easily at night.
  20. Ringo5

    Sleeping Over

    I gathered the courage to tell my best friend that I wet the bed on occasion. He doesn't mind that i wear diapers around him. Sometimes diapers are all i wear and he doesnt seem to care much. Most times i wear a onesie though. But for your situation, you might want to sit down with them and have...