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  1. bebehuey

    Anybody see todays Garfield commic strip 4/22?

    couldn't help but find John sucking his thumb by the end of it.
  2. bebehuey

    Sorry Gary and Monika

    I now have to apologize to Gary of XPmedical, because I shall now seriously curtail my spending on disposable diapers (my 2 month supply is now about a year due to drastically diminished use) I shall still continue to purchase from ya, just not so much. I'm sorry Monika of Dependeco, I've just...
  3. bebehuey

    Looking at going to cloth, any suggestions?

    I'm moving, at least partially to cloth diapers. I'm looking at possibly the leakmaster, I've ordered a couple of Airoliver velcro diapers, but i'm not so familiar in this territory, any suggestions?
  4. bebehuey

    Was I just busted ??!!??

    Ok, I went shopping at the local Safeway today, While its not my favorite store to shop due to some of the not so nice cashiers in this particular store, they have a Pharmacy with lower prices than most places, I usually take most of my grocery shopping elsewhere. Well, I found myself walking...
  5. bebehuey


    I commonly use A&D ointment when changing (it holds up VERY nicely) but the smell is something else.. I I looked at the ingredients, and it lists fragrance.. what fragrance? Eu De Piscene? Why does it reek like fish? anything else out there that works as well with a bit less odor?
  6. bebehuey

    Anyone Seen this Car?

    Recently, while driving down CO Hwy 82, I was passed by a tiny yellow Mini Cooper with NJ plates.. :scratchchin:(couldn't get a clean shot of it) one of the first things I noticed was the COOPER logo was modified to POOPER. also, looking on the bumper, saw the word PANTZ written on it...
  7. bebehuey

    Anyone been thru the TSA lately?

    :sad:I've been thru many times in the past without issues, but, now, umm. the strip search :sad: or the body scan:sweatdrop:???? does it check for tumors too? can i use request a copy for my doc?
  8. bebehuey

    Mega Care Line

    has anyone tried these yet? the seem to be the best of both Abena and Molicare i just got a couple of bags in from XP medical they are Very interesting. they, at first glance appeared to be Mollies, possibly like a cheap knockoff,:sad: the color was similar (slightly more magenta than the...
  9. bebehuey


    i've been around for a bit, but just discovered this, moved over from dpf:sad:, was looking for something different from that mess, Oh Thank God!:worshippy: