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    Working on VR ABDL virt-a-mate content

    For someone who doesn't have the possibility to get actual ABDL furniture and props (other than diapers), I have found myself loving the virt-a-mate software, which is basically a VR sandbox to play with "adult content". I noticed right away that there is currently no abdl content available on...
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    VR content for Adult Babies

    So how many of you have VR glasses for your phone? I just recently taught myself to edit already existing 360 photos to add / include things like vintage diaper packs, pacis, baby bottles etc. that will fluently merge to the environment. My goal is to create fun static 360 virtual rooms for...
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    Are Tena Slip Active Fit Ultima any good?

    I'm a slow poke and just recently found out about the existence of these new Tena diapers. Tried the cloth backed ultima years ago, it was ok but I always prefer plastic. So has anyone tried these recently? I recall the maxis having slightly poor tapes and the plastic was very papery and thin...
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    Best adult pacifier to get inside Europe?

    Hi, what is the best adult-sized paci and where to get one in Europe? I sometime ago bought the blue cuddlz paci. It is very good and feels authentic, but the "nipple" doesn't have that hole so it's very hard suck on it. Also I feel that it would stay in mouth easier if it had that hole like...
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    MyDiaper vs Rearz

    I have tried mydiapers but I never have tried rearz InControl. From product pics they both look pretty much the same, but the price tag is very different at least on save express. So how are rearz compared to mydiaper?
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    Your favorite cheap diaper?

    I can't pick one because there's 2 of which I really enjoy: EasySlip - this one is fairly new (I guess) on the market. It's a classic all-white diaper with plastic backing. What I really like about this diaper is the feel of the plastic, it's very similar to those 90's pampers. The tapes have...
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    ConfiDry 24/7 from Europe?

    Couldn't help but notice that confidry has disappeared from save express selection. Does anyone know an online store in europe that sell these?
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    Update on my adult baby diaper designs

    As some of you may know, I'm obsessed with trying to create adult diaper designs that reminds me of pampers in 80's and 90's. And yes, I do also like blue waistbands like pampers had in 1988 :) The goal is to make these become reality, once I find a suitable diaper and finish the final printable...
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    Invent your own diaper!

    Wouldn't it be cool, if you could design and produce a perfect diaper of your own? What features would it have? - With tapes or pull-up? - What material is outer cover and what color? - Would it be plain white, or have some patterns? - What kind of front panel / landing-zone? With cute...
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    Importance of taping

    Funny how after all these years using Tena Slip Maxi (plastic), I just recently learned how to put the tapes in a position that the diaper fits perfectly. The lower tapes need to point somewhat upwards giving the diaper better fit on my bum and leg cuffs. Before this it felt really loose since...
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    Why is there no abdl pull up?

    I know that goodnites and such can fit a small adult, but they don't really hold that lot and are still generally small (well maybe because they're not meant to be worn by adults lol). Why haven't ABU, bambino and such made their own custom print pull up? Is it too complicated or do you need...
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    Amazing google search find!

    Today I realized something when I was browsing diaper stores on google in my own language (finnish). When you type "aikuisten" (adult's), the first suggestion is "aikuisten vaipat" (that translates to adult's diapers). How weird is that?! It's exciting to find it more popular than education etc...
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    Does diapers absorb moisture from air??

    I'm moving to a new apartment tomorrow. The bathroom (combined toilet & shower) has a nice white closet with a large locker inside. If I were to place my diapers in this locker and I decide to take a warm shower, could the diapers absorb the moisture from air and "fill up" that way??
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    What if wearing diapers became normal?

    This thought has surely crossed most of our minds. Let's imagine that suddenly wearing and using diapers became normal and acceptable in our society. It could be because of some new health research about negative sides of holding your bladder or it would be the new "hipster" thing or whatever...
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    Time Travel

    If you could travel back in time to be at any age you want again, what youth diaper experience would you want to re-live or/and what new experiences would you create? You would have your mind as it is now. I would propably go back to 95' when I was 5 and find a way to get diapered 24/7 in those...
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    An awkward delivery experience

    So I ordered 4 bags (1 case) of Cuddlz from the UK to be delivered to my door around week ago. This morning I got a call from the delivery guy, he said that the package has been damaged somewhat. He asked that would I like him to bring it to a post office for repackaging and delivered by...
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    Just recieved my first pack of ComfiCare L10

    Very excited to try them out, lot of people are saying here that it's the new thickest and the best plastic backed disposable around. Abena L4 doesn't really work for me since I don't like the print at all, looks way too "common" adult diaper with random weird pattern running through it...
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    Poll: ABDL fetish or lifestyle?

    It's not a real poll, but I would be interested to know if you consider abdl-ism a fetish or lifestyle and why? Or would you categorize it as something else?
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    Which Cuddlz is better? All-over printed or front panel printed??

    I decided to finally order some cuddlz. But a question that I have asked a few times here remains unanswered. Which one is better? 1. Are they both equally thick? And how thick compared to other diapers? 2. Quality of the tapes? (I know one has 2 and the other has 4) 3. Absorbtion? 5. Fit? 6...
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    Bambinos in Europe?

    The title is pretty self explinatory. I know we have ABU, Cuddlz and Fabine here, but it seems that bambinos are quite a bit thicker than the others. Still haven't tried cuddlz though, any experience on their thickness / absorption?