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    For Those Who 3D Print, What's Your Favorite Prints/Models?

    I am about 20 days into having a 3D printer again (I had one from a kickstarter that failed after a few prints about 6 years ago), it has blown me away at how they have changed and improved now. What are some of your favorite prints/models you have done? I have mostly just done some practical...
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    New XP 5000 Hot Takes

    Now that the upgraded diaper is out, what's everyone's thoughts on them? I have only worn one so far, but feels like the plastic is a little better/stronger. I at least feel like the diaper is a bit thicker in the front after wetting. Still have to try a few more to give it a better overall...
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    XP 5000 Tearing?

    I have been testing before I buy my next case of diapers, right now evaluating XP 5000. So far I had the tab on one of the tapes rip off, I have the same problem on dry 24/7, which I haven't ran into on others. Yesterday I had the back of one of the diapers tear in the back, trying to figure...
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    New ABDL Study from Italy: An Exploratory Study of Adult Baby-Diaper Lovers’ Characteristics in an Italian Online Sample

    Ran across a interesting scientific survey study done on people that participate in Italian ABDL online communities. It is available to be read online, here is the link:
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    Unique Wellness Briefs, Pinholes Still?

    Both versions of the unique wellness briefs were my go to diapers, especially when I did more 24/7 periods. I do miss them both, but gave up on them several years ago. Anyone know if they improved their quality and no longer do pinholes on either the original or superio?
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    Thoughts on BabyWasher (Automated Diaper Changing Machine)

    I don't know if anyone ever posted about this machine here, it won an Ignoble Prize and has a patent, so not something just made up. The website also mentions not using it just for babies, but also disabled and elderly. Would you buy one of these? Almost seems like something I've seen in some...
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    One of those should have wore diapers days...

    I debated on wearing a diaper today to work and decided against it. Ended up wishing I had, I thought I just had a little bit of gas, ended up being a strong stream of liquid instead. Glad it was near lunch time. I always have a few spare diapers and diapering supplies in the car. Ended up...
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    Had Discussion with Wife About Wearing Around Her

    I haven't posted in a while. Way before I got married to my wife, I had let her know I was into diapers. There was not much discussion there, just getting it out there to make sure no future issues if we were to get married. She was accepting, but not really wanting to participate. When we...
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    iD Slip PE Back at XP Medical

    Looks like XP Medical brought back the iD Slip diapers again, guess enough people complained to them. Looks like they are out of stock of the large size at the moment. So happy they decided to keep carrying them again, they became my go to diaper.
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    At what point to tell the gf?

    I've been dating this girl for just over a month now. We are super honest about our past and even our insecurities. Seems almost anything can be said and we are very understanding. I could spend the rest of my life with her. I don't even need to have her participate in my DL side, I just...
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    Robb Flynn from Machine Head Posted Photo Wearing Pull Ups

    This surprised me, apparently the lead singer of Machine Head contracted a nasty bug that is giving him bad diarrhea, so he is just wearing a pull on brief instead of canceling his show. What's crazy is that he posted a photo of himself wearing one.
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    Home Video Diapers

    I recently ran across an old video of me when I was one year old. I was just blown away at how thick the diaper was on me and pretty old school white plastic backed. I guess in the early 80s, they didn't have so much SAP or things like it, so the diapers must have been thicker than they are...
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    Minimalism and Diapers

    I've recently been on a big minimalism kick for a few months. Started to gather up all my diaper related paraphernalia and found that there is way too much. For a period of time, I was getting too into buying a lot of cases of diapers and related things. I'm trying to get my financial health...
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    ABDL Rap (Dip Shop)

    Can't believe I just ran across this. They use a bit different slang, but its kind of catchy about AB/DLs. I know it was posted about before, but I never ran across it and the discussion died out.
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    New Superio Diapers in January

    Just saw this blurb in my email from Unique Wellness Briefs, some of these I think they already implemented especially the landing zone: 1. STRONGER PLASTIC BACKING - HELPS PREVENT ANY SPLITTING 2. DISCREET LANDING ZONE WITHOUT ANY PRINTING OF WORDS "WELLNESS BRIEF" ON DIAPER 3. BETTER...
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    What's in Your Diaper Bag?

    Since there are a lot of youtube videos of people showing what's in their diaper bag, I figured I'd start a forum post where people can share what's in their diaper bags. This is my small diaper bag, I have a bigger one with more stuff in it. Its a Disney Baby Minnie Mouse Mini Diaper Bag...
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    Underoos Are Back and in Adult Sizes

    Just stumbled across this, apparently they are back and also for adults now:
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    40% of Women Over 40 Have Some Form of Over Sensitive Bladder

    Just ran across this article talking about how there is a much larger amount of women affected by minor forms of incontinence than I had thought. Also looks like Always Discreet got some serious exposure as well from a segment on Dr. Phil...
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    Diaper Disposal Systems

    Do any of you use diaper disposal systems? I've been looking into Janibell's line of them, debating whether to make the plunge. They are about 100 bucks for a 13 gallon one and refills can be pricey, but appear to hold a lot per bag (80 feet long). I did have a diaper pail by munchkin, but...
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    Absorbency Plus from XP Medical New Size

    Just FYI, in addition to the refastenable tapes, they have a new size inbetween medium and large. I made a small order to see how these do, I found the previous sizing way too awkward before.