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    Temporarily taking off a nappy

    Has anyone had much success taking a nappy off using the white tapes and then putting it on again? I always seem to wreck the nappy or a tape gets stuck on itself or something else. At the moment I’m using plastic-backed M4s but I think it’s a general problem for me.
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    Peed my pants without a choice

    I had some drinks after work and I peed my pants fully- soaking socks and it was not a choice. I guess be careful what you wish for
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    I'm in a nappy my partner put me in

    My partner has agreed to put me in a nappy occassionally. This may not sound much - but it is really helping me get over my shame of wearing. I doubt we'll reach the stage where I get a wet one changed - but I can live with that. Just having been put in one and someone else knowing I'm in one...
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    What does regression mean in a counselling context?

    I know what regression is in the context of ABDL - but what does it mean in the context of counselling and hypnotherapy? Does it sound like something that would help or is it a bit wacky? Also what if the client is ABDL? Would that complicate things? I’d be very grateful if anyone has any...
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    Unpleasant experience of loss of control

    I've been looking forward to wearing nappies this weekend - I have never done this for a whole weekend before. I'm a DL and I've even deliberately messed my nappy before. So I put on a new M4 nappy and was getting ready to go out this morning when without any warning whatever I competely lost...
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    Diaper that can take side-wetting

    Can any disposable diaper take a side-wetting in bed? If there isn't, then presumably a cloth diaper could take this? I'm not sure I want to wear cloth in bed - but it would solve this and some other problems - like feeling a bit freer but not leaking after shifting around in the night and...
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    Worst fear when wearing a wet diaper in public

    Obviously leaking, or your clothes falling down would be pretty bad, but apart from that, what is your worst fear when wearing a wet diaper in public? Mine is totally irrational and is of a dog coming right up and sniffing me.
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    Wearing and wetting when there is nowhere to change

    I go on some long walks (10 miles) where there is nowhere to change - or go to the toilet for that matter. I have a low capacity bladder - so I really would like to wear padding for these to avoid being very uncomfortable if there is nowhere to go to the toilet. So far I've actually managed to...
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    Hello, I am Pinguinito

    I work in IT in England. I am a diaper lover. I am pretty new to this. I think I've been a DL for a while but not done anything about it - if that makes sense. My hobbies are learning Spanish, which I am making slow progress in. I like going for long walks. I have already learnt a lot from...