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  1. Ampelwindel

    When was the last time you remember being changed?

    I think I was 4 and I remember my aunt having me and my cousin who's the same age side by side and taping on our night diapers. That was post potty training.
  2. Ampelwindel

    Bambino Magnifico Review

    I'm wearing one right now. This is far and away the most comfortable diaper I've ever worn. I'm almost thrown off by the feeling of not having it dig into my thighs. It remains dry so I can't speak to performance at the moment. My only gripe is that I don't care for the print. All white...
  3. Ampelwindel

    Wearing diapers in the Military

    I've been in the Army for a while now and the only times I've ever worn in a remotely work related context were when I went into my office alone on a weekend or in a hotel while TDY. I never would have dreamed of wearing diapers in the barracks. Privacy was non-existent and there was always...
  4. Ampelwindel

    XP Medical Re-design

    After shipping though, it's still cheaper. The half-case includes shipping.
  5. Ampelwindel

    ABU New Diapers

    I'm anxious to see a review. I like my cloth backed Abena M3's for going out in public. I might consider these if they get good reviews, but my public diaper wearing is pretty minimal so I doubt I'll buy many if any. The thing that no one seems to be discussing though is ABU's recent onesie...
  6. Ampelwindel

    Onesies Downunder

    How does it fit? Is it snug or is it a little baggy?
  7. Ampelwindel

    Diaper discussion the rules on bio hazards UK

    Why woukd it be a biohazard? What do parents do when they need to change their kids' nappies when they're out and about?
  8. Ampelwindel

    Onesies Downunder

    Apologies if this doesn't fit in the "Diaper Talk" section, but it's not exactly AB either. I'm trying to find out which size to buy and as we all know, sizing guides are rough guidelines at best. If I'm to go on my actual dimensions (6', 34"ish waist, and 42" chest), XL would fit, but I'm...
  9. Ampelwindel

    I came out on Facebook...

    I was worried that it was some 18 year old and I was going to have to chastise them for lacking discretion. This was like the time my wife April foolsed me with pregnancy... well that was much much worse.
  10. Ampelwindel

    Bambino Memorial Day Sale Until May 30th!

    I just got my case of teddies. First time I've ever bought in bulk.
  11. Ampelwindel

    What diaper are you wearing right now?

    Little Pawz
  12. Ampelwindel

    Did Snaps4U Go Under

    Their website returns a 404 error. Their Ebay store is empty and they don't answer messages. Did they stop making stuff? More importantly, where can I go to get a Batman, Mario, or Zelda onesie?
  13. Ampelwindel

    Another Post About Spouses

    I mean, like I said, two years ago, I would have been ecstatic to just have my DL side out in the open, let alone getting changed. She keeps saying "baby steps... no pun intended." So, I'll just take it in stride.
  14. Ampelwindel

    Another Post About Spouses

    I did... She said she is not quite at the level of taking a diaper off me.
  15. Ampelwindel

    Bambinos..seem better

    I don't know if they need to step up their game because one way that Bambino is beating all of its competitors is on price. Moreover, my ABUs have such a high capacity, that I often change before I reach it because they start to stink.
  16. Ampelwindel

    Anyone Used Dignity PM or Attends Waistband Style?

    I don't even know if I would call the Attends a step above Depend at this point. They really hold very little and are the loudest thing I've ever worn.
  17. Ampelwindel

    Another Post About Spouses

    Update: We chatted at length about the subject, and she basically agreed to do occasionally include it in some of our sex life. On top of that, come fall, she said she would get padded with me and snuggle for a movie, but she said she probably won't enjoy it because she has a negative...
  18. Ampelwindel

    Another Post About Spouses

    Hey guys, changed my username. (Windel is German for diaper) We see these all the time, but I suppose it's one of those perennial issues among diaper lovers; how can we get our spouses to play along. Two years ago, before I told my wife, I would have counted myself lucky to have even continue...
  19. Ampelwindel

    yes, everyone can hear your diaper crinking!

    The rustle of leaves out of context would sound nearly indistinguishable from the crinkle of a diaper.