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  1. nikthewerelion

    Introducing the Premium Nights by InControl Diapers! Back in Black!

    From all that I’ve read in this thread it seems as though you were experimenting with the new sizes with these black ones, how do you said the mediums run a bit smaller than even the normal mediums, if this is going to be true for the large size then I’ll be interested to try the new version of...
  2. nikthewerelion

    Ouch!!! My source for Abena Abri-Forms just went from $50 to $64 a case!

    yeah it sucks needing to restock diapers when you realize that you need to wear the more expensive ones. Using a shirt with snaps means that abenas for me I have been relegated to only wearing them in the house. So I’ve kind of stopped using those now and really only buy mega max or better try...
  3. nikthewerelion

    Benefits of nappies

    Diapers have always been a fun thing for me, and also a just in case thing. Worrying that I might have an accident in public, because of holding my bladder for too long. Then in 2016 lost a significant amount of vision and with it my confidence to be independent and get around easily. Within...
  4. nikthewerelion

    Diapered in summer

    After reading this thread and considering the toasty weather lately even here in Maine, I will definitely be incorporating some cloth packed disposable diapers into my rotation. Mega max and safari just aren’t realistic on a 247 basis. I really hope there’s another stimulus check so I can put in...
  5. nikthewerelion

    Rearz Diaper Sizing

    Cool, I will be interested to check out the new size situation with safari diapers as those are my favorite. I find the large to be a bit bigger than I’d like and maybe that’s due to the cut but I’m not sure as other people have said comparisons are tough between different companies. Hopefully...
  6. nikthewerelion

    Getting Tired of Holding It In

    I started out as a DL. Starting using diapers at night about 10 years ago and during the day, about the same for just in case situation. But as of five years ago my mild bladder issues like urgency and inability to hold it, combined with minor leaks and my worsening blindness, I’ll just means...
  7. nikthewerelion

    24/7ers: What Do You Do For Work?

    I am disabled and live on limited income so the money I get from my part-time bagging job helps a little bit. All the diapers I wear are really good quality so anything I choose will get me through my three hour shift at work which generally end up being a six hour day when you factor in the bus...
  8. nikthewerelion

    Sleeping in diapers

    Well, between being very visually impaired. And having sleep apnea, this means I have sleep issues, like the potential for accents, and also not being able to really get a lot of good sleep, also throw in the need to Pee a lot end it makes for a great combination of really not being able to get...
  9. nikthewerelion

    Am i the only one that actually like medical diapers ?

    I started out using plastic backed depends, and later moved on to abena m4. I would say these were my go to diapers from the late 90s to, like 2010. I have still worn m4 for the past 11 years or so but have also used dry 24/7 /and in the past six or seven years tried a lot of Northshore diapers...
  10. nikthewerelion

    Recommendations for lesser brands on medical site

    For a cheap store brand diapers are use the Walmart assurance stretch briefs what’s your fairly decent. Wow, plastic packed depends I would love to be able to find those. I have not seen those and haven’t been able to find them in a few years. I’m not really a fan of any cloth packed diapers...
  11. nikthewerelion

    Diaper prices to rise in coming months

    Yeah this really sucks since I just figured out that I need to start using dry 24/7 on a more regular basis. I was using abena while at work or out but they don’t work so well for me in combination with a onesie. And those diapers are already expensive, like 115 bucks a case. I couldn’t imagine...
  12. nikthewerelion

    After work

    Just a note before I start, I am a very blind guy using voiceover for my iPhone and voice to text so I’m sorry for any errors in typing. I to wear diapers, for stress relief, but because of my disability and needing to pee a lot, I would also say that I medically need them, not officially in...
  13. nikthewerelion

    If you had low income would you prioritise nappies?

    One of the things I’ve noticed about having that fight between quality diapers and spending less money is that, we all like to think that we could get cheaper diapers and still have good quality but most of the time that doesn’t really work out. Yes to some degree it’s all about what works for...
  14. nikthewerelion

    If you had low income would you prioritise nappies?

    I’ve always been low income, but because of disability money and other benefits that I get to be able to survive I am still able to afford my monthly diapers. Well I am not medically in need of diapers, at least not yet, I have had some issues in the past five or six years that I’ve put me in a...
  15. nikthewerelion

    Less control while diapered?

    It’s definitely one of the various reasons why I am in diapers all the time today and have been for the past four or five years. But for me it’s a bunch of different reasons that add up to ultimately, the fact that diapers make my life a hell of a lot more easier.
  16. nikthewerelion

    Doubling up

    Yeah, I have double diapered this was back in the days when there wasn’t really super thick adult baby diapers like there are now. Once you read a lot of posts on here you realize the reality of how much it really doesn’t work. Unless you put a lot of effort into putting slits in the second...
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    My ecoable consist of polar bear and Dino. I’m waiting for them to make one with tigers or liens on them
  18. nikthewerelion


    Yeah I think if you’re going to do cloth diapers at night it’s not going to really save you money in the long run because you end up having to do extra load of laundry. At this point for me I don’t quite have enough to do a load of just diapers but eventually I’ll get there. I’m not sure that I...
  19. nikthewerelion


    First let me say thank you for making me aware of the podcast. Yes I do have one of these diapers and they are OK, I got the one that has snaps that can be used as a diaper cover or you can put inserts in it and use it as the diaper itself. I think I found a box of diapers is that the kind of a...
  20. nikthewerelion

    Ali adult diapers?

    So we did just get a pack of these from eBay. They seem to be good so far, wearing one that I have wet twice so far. The only downside I could see is that the tapes seem to be really thin and while there is a landing zone I would be very hesitant to try to re-tape these. It will take some more...