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    Type Brand of baby Powder

    Well, I'm a guy but I stick with the J&J Cornstarch--even if it is a tiny bit and rare, there is no safe level of asbestos which is naturally found in the ground with talc. I prefer the medicated--yellow cap--for extra protection powder with my fallback being the blue capped aloe and vitimin e...
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    Leo's diapered beginning

    Those are OK tools to write with but it does take more than that. Practice with writing is good but delving into grammar, working with writing prompts and getting feedback on what you write is also essential. Are you still in school? Add some English and writing classes--you may also get the...
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    What song that you can not stop listening to?

    On par with Arch/Matheos' "Vermilion Moons" is the last track off of the same album. An epic 13 minute track best described as a story about a boy who finds and adopts an abused puppy. Warning: paying close attention to the lyrics will induce tears. John Arch is a great poet and storyteller.
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    What song that you can not stop listening to?

    The new Arch/Matheos album that dropped this last May is simply amazing. The opening track really kicks things off.
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    Cartoons in diapers

    Futurama has a few episodes with the cast in diapers. Looks at my diapered Bender avatar.
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    J&J baby powder and Desitin

    I try to power every change. I use the cream in the morning, before bed, and as needed in-between. The cream gives good coverage for a bit so it's mainly when I notice the need to reapply. I like Walmart's Equate Diaper Rash cream in the 16oz container/tub. I have more control over how much I...
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    Diapered all or nothing

    Well, I'm already 24/7 and I don't want to change that. They have become a comforting part of my life--though I do stress when my supply starts to get low.
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    Want to be more public about wearing

    Well most people don't pay you that much attention so for the most part, you'll be fine. Tucking in a shirt or wearing a onesie will help you keep that diaper from poking over the top of your pants. It's not as traumatic once you start wearing out in public. Try going our where people don't...
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    Unstable Unicorns game - very "little"

    I haven t seen that one. The littlest card game I have is the now out of print Family Fluxx.
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    The Expanse (Spoilers OK)

    I just got finished watching Season 3 of The Expanse after a big binge of the entire series so far. So good and now I think I want to read the books. I did read Drive on the Syfy site. So much to unpack but I figure this would be a good place to discuss the series. I was getting a lot of High...
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    Favourite bands/artists?

    I have been really loving Arch/Matheos' new album that dropped last May, Winter Ethereal. There are so many great groups out there it would take forever to put a full list out but another couple of groups I have been listening to regularly are Ghost and O.S.I.
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    What would this critter look as an anthro?

    That would be badass to see. I'm a big fan of the game--as normally shown on my sig. I think it doesn't show when I'm on mobile. Lots of interesting critters and races. The Jaka are one of the ones that are a more anthro character races in the game. I'm still interested to hear about other...
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    Lots of fun stuff on there including some programming for the very young.
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    Wearing to bed every night?

    That's why I use a washable bed pad under me. It does a decent job of catching the pee. I know better diapers will do better but this is what I have to work with.
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    Wearing to bed every night?

    Adding a booster does help the Tranquility big time. I wear the ATNs with a Super Topliner Booster--other will work but the Topliner is made to be the perfect size for Tranquility diapers.
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    Babyfur novels

    I see that knee-jerk reaction of "there's nothing wrong with my writing!" and that is something that will work against you. I gave advice that was meant to be helpful, not hurtful. As a writer, you need to have a somewhat thick skin with it comes to criticism. I've been to writer's workshops...
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    China Tariffs coming September 1 on Diapers and Underpads

    If his cabinet had any sort of conscience or morals they would have invoked the 25th Amendment ages ago. But nobody wants to step in and do their jobs. Pelosi even stated that Trump was good for fundraising so we can figure out why she's never been interested in impeachment. And let's not get...
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    Stories Help/Guidance Thread

    I would like to share some of my favorite writing references. As writers and artists, the rules are often made to be broken but it is good to know the rules in the first place. Some are worth following to help maintain clarity and to communicate effectively with your audience but when we break...
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    Leo's diapered beginning

    Biggest thing is don't get discouraged. Start working on writing and you'll get better. Any artist's early works will be subpar but practicing and learning more about their chosen art is what turns an amateur into a pro. TBH, this forum isn't too bad for getting some good feedback. It may be...