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  1. anotherpuppy

    No more Depend tape-up diaper briefs at CVS?

    Well, yeah, like I just posted here - - I suddenly needed to restock on "actual diapers" and seems every CVS in my corner of New England no longer stocks the actual taped Depend diapers -...
  2. anotherpuppy

    Tranquility Daytime pull-ups: What the..?

    Woah, pup is back... actually with a number of samples and he's taking notes and will return to paste here. But in the meantime, he just had the most bizarre experience with one of the Tranquility "Daytime" pull-ups. Comfy, cloth-y, and fairly thick, he kinda liked the whole idea until he...
  3. anotherpuppy

    Depends pull-up waistband patterns?

    Another weird one, but just a curiosity this time. Pup's regularly been wearing the Depends "for Men" (and boy-pups) pullups because they're available and fit and all that good stuff (and trying other brands again, he's also reminded he really likes the 'firm' feel of their gel.. now if only...
  4. anotherpuppy

    Plushies in stores?

    Almost a ridiculous question, but pup's been achin' for a plush, and dunno quite where to look! Hasn't peeked through a Toys'r'Us in a while, but last time he did the only options were Elmo and Spongebob, you know? Same thing at Wal-Mart... Kohls has some promotion with big-for-being-small...
  5. anotherpuppy

    Pup needs help! CVS sizing?

    Mrp! This is my big debut here, I guess! :tailswish: Pup has been trying to search existing posts but thinks "CVS" is too short a keyword and causing much fail. :sad: Pup would like to pick up some CVS "Men's Underwear Super Plus Absorbency" and CVS "Day & Night Adjustable Underwear" [or...