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  1. Rene

    Training pants

    Recently I've gotten some "little" urges and have really been wanting to pick up a pair of training pants. For me some of the smaller details matter (both mentally, and due to a sensory disorder) So.. I've been debating on getting a pair of baby-pants "my first training pants". I was wondering...
  2. Rene

    (Time Sensitive) Sleep Study (Cont.)

    So i made a post about going to get a sleep study done (at the request of my doctor) over a year and a half ago (Found Here) i did get some good information from that post however, i have a few more questions and would like more feedback from others experiences, So one of my questions was my...
  3. Rene

    Sleep Study

    So my doc has asked me to get a sleep study done and ive been putting it off for a few reasons. but i do have a few questions if anyone has ever done one. whats the procedure with them (as in what happens when you go get one done) and do i just wear a diaper to it or what happens in that situation.
  4. Rene

    do you love your iphone ipad or ipod touch?

    if you do check out the group i just made iOS Device Users - gonna try to keep it updated as much as possible. Thanks all!
  5. Rene

    New underjams!....?

    so ive been shopping around looking for underjams and NO ONE in a 25mi radius has em (i didnt check any small stores, but ive checked all jewel's, walgreens, cvs, target's, walmarts, etc. there were 2 stores that had small boys underjams, however those are too small, however the store that i...
  6. Rene

    Equalline Diapers

    ok, i could of sworn that i posted this yesterday, but i cant find it! :eek: well if u guys find it plz let me know.. (it was like 3am when i posted... lol) but anyways.. i went to my local jewel osco (albertsons for some of ya) and i was lookin to see if they carried a different variety then...
  7. Rene


    hmmm.... not sure wat to say....... ill make it simple. i dont like the way some people here act, and i dont like the way that we are restricted on what we can say and cant say. there are mature threads, and there should be a mature irc chat. trust me not many people here know what im talking...
  8. Rene

    Adisc Remix Competition

    Ok so me and Mickal were in irc and came up with an idea for a new contest!!! It will be the Adisc Remix Competition!!!!!! so basically i will provide the acapella of a certain song, and the participants of this contest will have to remix the song so it can be used in a club type environment...
  9. Rene

    READ THIS ASAP!!!! 12:21amcst 6/29/08

    ok there are 56 users on atm and 40 visitors, someone get on chat!!!!!!!!!!! we need to bring back that chat box cuz it feels so dead here without it
  10. Rene

    Never got around to it

    well most of ya'll know me already if u dont i am renegade-a umm i chose my name (renegade) because i tend to feel lonely alot even when im not alone and the a is because it is significant of my name and who i am for example: A is the first letter most people think of when they think of the...
  11. Rene


    so this summer ive basically kicked the summer routine to the curb, i decided to stay buy my grandparents house for the summer (they have a huge house) abd get some stuff done, so i was in the 1st floor bathroom and ran out of tp (toilet paper) so i go into the towel closet (each one of their...
  12. Rene

    need help!!!

    hey for those of you who wet, can ya'll show some luv and just post a couple of things on my (brand new) incon forum its a non *b/dl forum but thats cuz the goodnites forum sux plz help me boost activity itz at
  13. Rene

    Incon in popular Culture...

    so just a spin off of the *bl/dlism in pop culture but instead this is incon. so ill start off with... (as mentioned before) in spy kids alexa vega's character (carmen) was a bedwetter (also) in the George Lopez show Max (george's son) wet the bed a couple of times (as part of a psa for the...
  14. Rene

    What The Hell!

    so as many of you may not know i've been a bedwetter for all my life -No Its Not cool!!!! -yes it sux but the thing is i had everything under control i was at the point where it had been like 3 moths dry and for the last week its ben an everyday thing so does anyone kow any good remedies i...
  15. Rene

    Free Samples!!!!!

    first off: i think this is somthing worth sticky-ing (maybe not now but when it gets bigger) well i was looking for samples since im broke right now so i decided to post a general "samples" Thread well ill start off with these: Goodnites boxer shorts: Prevail...
  16. Rene

    What do you think about this???

    dont know if anyone has posted it b4 but here it is Basic summary: 3 kids were asked to come up to the front during a youth group meeting and they were then asked to go into the bathroom, there some other kids were waiting with diapers bibs and bonnets. The boys were then asked to go into a...
  17. Rene


    i was on this site yesterday and the thought a lottery came to me!!!! again let me say this was just a thought!!!!!!!! so as i was saying....... what if we raised the donation goal like 20 dollars and every month that we reach that goal the admins have a lottery and maybe give away a pack of...
  18. Rene

    Your Potty training Expierence

    plz share Your Potty training Expierence and thooughts on it i know there is a similar thread but its a lil off topic so her is one just for you to share your exp. and thoughts Quote Originally Posted by babyemo View Post you mean potty-brainwashing right? i really didnt have a "potty...
  19. Rene

    thickness factor

    how thick do you like them thin like goodnites and pullups or thick as heck
  20. Rene

    need help

    i need some real help im having a problem pming can some one please help