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  1. T00L

    Spark Theory

    I'd really like this post to be better written but I’m pretty prone to rambling and I’m not very articulate so here it goes. This post is about something that I’ve been pondering upon a lot lately. For those who don't know I've always been very interested in the psychology of why we are AB/DLs...
  2. T00L

    Diaper Advice

    So i'm probably going to ordering more diapers soon. I've been using attends the past two times i've ordered more diapers. I'm looking to get something a little thicker this time. I've tried molicares and abenas and I find them a little too thick to be comfortable in. So my question to you guys...
  3. T00L

    Comptia A+ Certification

    Just curious if anyone on the forum is A+ certified? I'm going to be testing for it sometime in the next two months for a job in October. I was just wondering if you have taken it and passed what types of studying methods did you use to prepare? What worked for you etc. Just looking for some...
  4. T00L

    Greetings and Saluations

    I guess its smiled upon to make an introduction. I'm Stefan i'm 22 and i've been a part of the scene since i was about 14 I used to hang out on the ABDL Story forum but they moved and it seems like everyone that was cool there came here so here I am. I listen to mostly emo music and I play...