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  1. AEther

    Favourite foods in little side.

    I think this is not important question and also has been ever asked, but I just want to know what things that you often eat when you in your little side? That's must be one of things can support your little feelings. I like to eat some lollipop, ice cream or cereal when i in my little side, what...
  2. AEther

    Technical Question Invisible Forum fun

    Hello staff or members, Right, I'm quite long here as member now since I joined and I see all the forum section here but there's little make me curious about "forum fun", I sometimes around as guest without log in at this site and I see the forum fun is invisible, then why is it so? Why that...
  3. AEther

    You ABDL orientation?

    What do you ABDL side orientated? A Baby: For them who's really be a baby again, using babyish stuffs, sleep in crib, and drink from bottles. A Kids: For them who's just want to be a kids without babyish things, around age 4-10. Love diapers: Just have a desire to wear diapers, but not to be...
  4. AEther

    Tips to act when get caught.

    I've heard a lot of experience of people get caught wearing diapers by their parents, including my self, but actually it's not so complicated if we can control our emotions and thought when it happened, *Take control of your fear Do not let fear haunting and control yourself, make sure you stay...
  5. AEther

    Feedback Requested Guest reply

    I've read some threads in the past and there are guest can give reply, but how can they do that? Is there are new policy to make guest cannot access forum to reply threads? *Alexis
  6. AEther

    Feels about Little and hopes

    I've waited so long to post thread, this is my first post, this thread is not about my experience, but some of questions. I've realized that the AB/DL is not a disorder but a lifestyle, there's nothing negatively for me in doing this age regression. Desire to become a little will bring my life...
  7. AEther

    Wonderful join.

    Hello! Who are you? Greetings members, staff, especially ADISC. My name is Alex, My presence on this site is too long and wandering as guest, look for and discover from reading the experience of many people here about life as Adult Babies. I've been so long with depression that was so heavy, I...