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    Locking a Solid State HDD to OS only

    I used to do this when I had a small SSD. I installed the OS onto the SSD and had a 1TB magnetic drive for data. Disabled the Windows Pagefile on the SSD and placed it on the magnetic drive. Then logged in as the Administrator user, and used ROBOCOPY to move C:/Users to the magnetic drive, and...
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    Bug Report I've stopped recieving notifications when I'm quoted, or when I have a new rep point. Why?

    It was never fixed by the staff. It was an error in the external library. As such the library was updated by its developers to fix the problem. Eventually.
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    Technical Question how do I go back to reduced site on mobile.

    You can click here to return to the mobile style:
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    Launcher settings > select tekkit version.
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    Worst movie youve ever seen

    Cloverfield was awful. Poor plot, terrible SFX, shot from terrible constantly moving angles that gave everyone a headache and just plain confused everyone, since they couldn't work out what on earth was going on. It was a clever idea in practice, shooting from the survivors view, appearing as a...
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    Technical Question Blog Subscriptions

    Probably a bug in my 'is friend of person' logic, since it's always going to evaluate as false for yourself. Anyone else who has access to read your blogs will see the entry, though.
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    Technical Question Email Link Problem

    This isn't a bug. That's actually the 'behind the scenes' link style. Another product does what is known as 'SEO' on the URL to make it look nice as you see it when browsing the site. The information to do this is not available at the time the email is sent to you, so as a result an 'ugly' style...
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    Bug Report Double posting on quotes / Multiple quote notifications

    A summary of this issue: * There is nothing wrong with quote notifications. These are working entirely as intended. * There are two methods of posting with vBulletin. The more advanced AJAX method, and the fallback POST method. The issue here is that the API vBulletin uses for the AJAX...
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    Bug Report Can't access a particular thread when logged in.

    Basically, this is happening because of the amount of information Hybrid mode tries to display, PHP exceeds the amount of memory that it can be allocated, and Apache returns HTTP500 - Internal Server Error (Because mod-php gives up, basically). This is something we can't fix on our end, but it...
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    Technical Question Invisible vMobile checkbox

    Unfortunately, there isn't much we can really do about this but wait for vBulletin to update the theme themselves.
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    Bug Report Featured Posts Shows Hidden Forum Content

    Fair point. I've excluded the Admin Stuff forum from the Featured Posts module. Due to the caching nature of the module, it will take up to 24 hours for the module to update.
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    Technical Question Zombies in the Currently Active Users list

    The 'Currently Active Users' list is a list of every user that has an active session in vBulletin. Since there is no other way to actually determin if a user is viewing the site or not, this is basically a guess. In reality, the list is more of a 'These users have loaded a page from the server...
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    Bug Report Featured Posts Shows Hidden Forum Content

    The Administrative Stuff and possibly Roleplay forums are the only ones that this will actually happen with. The other forums are excluded. Due to the way the module itself caches the featured posts it's not possible to have them shown after login, so the choice will come down to either...
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    Bug Report AB/DL Identity bug

    Im sorry, but as Moo stated the TB option will not be returning. Closing this thread now as this issue is resolved.
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    Bug Report AB/DL Identity is still broken

    Reopened old thread.
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    Bug Report AB/DL Identity bug

    The TB tag was removed by Moo. It seems that he did not adjust the map of the bitfield values which is causing the tags to become misaligned. Unfortunately this is only something you can fix Moo.
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    What's in your wallet?

    Alright, here goes mine: £22.10 (In 2 £10 notes and various change) Drivers License Railcard Oyster Card National Insurance Card Work Discount/Loyalty Card Personal Debit Card CompactFlash Memory Card (Long, long story. Don't ask.) Pay date calendar from work. Various coffee company loyalty...
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    Suggestion ADISCMinecraft Server Page easier to get to

    The link to it is disabled until the server is more stable.