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    A re-introduction

    Hey everybody, I'm Izzy and this is my re-introduction to the ADISC community! After a long time gone (really, it has been six years), I figured I would introduce myself once again (since, I imagine most people don't know who I am). I'm an almost-30 year old ABDL who identifies as a Middle. I...
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    I commonly see MTF AB/DLs, but how about FTMs?

    Eh, it probably has something to do with the psychology of age regression itself and broader psychological considerations. This is partially determined through how gender-roles are constructed in the world. Do remember and note that in a large amount of cases of MTF regression, part of the...
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    Not really caring if I get caught anymore?

    It really does depend on the social situation. I went to a university with the top kids in the country and I needed to be able to have social respect when I tried to serve as a leader of various organizations. Openly acknowledging that I had such an infantile fetish would have doomed my attempts...
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    Technical Question Quick Question

    Hi folks, I'm trying to figure out what setting removes the IM names I've listed under my profile. I can't seem to find the edit button! Thanks!
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    @Maxx - My points on education have been provided by other people, no need to rehash them. Also, on taxes - paid $700. For a college kid, that's not a fun proportion, but eh, that's life. Additionally, you have no idea what most people in college seem to study, except to throw out the usual...
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    I propose this: The single mother's manifesto | J.K. Rowling - Times Online The fact that the American state would have utterly despaired JK Rowling to the point of inability is a testament to the failures of our current system of governance in its tax collection and the development of a safety...
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    i don't like HG or SS

    Bah, you are too young. (I will explain this at the end) This game has been pure joy from start to end. Being able to walk into Saffron City with Lugia, the music, the Kinomo girls, the gym leaders (like, Falkner and fighting in the air, soo-cool! Generation 2 was my favorite: it had the...
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    Gaaaaaaaaah Pokemon = WTF??

    I gave him Hyper Beam as a way to knock out some health and then did a lot of nice movements with Gyrados for Blizzard. Feraligatr has his own problems against them: weakness against lightning and can't match on speed, which Typholosion can.
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    Gaaaaaaaaah Pokemon = WTF??

    Are you kidding? He has an absurd Sp. Attack + Fire Blast + Charcoal. It lets you take out Jynx, Weavile with ease. It is awesomely effective against Koga. And very few have water, which lets you do well. Versus, there are a ton of pokemon at the EE that have electric and grass.
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    Gaaaaaaaaah Pokemon = WTF??

    Nope and Nope. The former is an opinion while the latter is blatantly untrue. Ho-oh and Lugia belong to the second highest base stat set in the whole series of games. Lugia particularly has an awesome little psychic attack that does a base of 90 damage @ 95% accuracy and 30 PP! That's just...
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    Gaaaaaaaaah Pokemon = WTF??

    Your team is not particularly useful for the task: KINGLER - LEVEL 34 - Drop this Pokemon ASAP. Feraligator is a much better water type. Though it might help you to get through Clair, just because you can teach it an ice move. After it, you should drop it for Lugia. ARBOK - LEVEL 33 -...
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    What's Your Alignment?

    And in a stunning turn of events... I'm completely different from all of you! My big thing is that a lot of them were information based, and I view information as power - you don't give it up easily and you always seek it. :)
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    Heh, there are actually very interesting social and political extrapolations you can make when somebody writes 'American' as the racial category in the census. They've been done before, quite interesting... The alternative to recognizing race is to be like France and to NOT recognize race...
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    Dream Job

    Senator Majority Leader, House Speaker or DNC Chairman. I want to bulldoze through things. Baring the utterly unrealistic things at the top: Superintendent of a major school district or college professor at a top university
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    Do these people annoy you?

    Nope. Just use the language that you feel comfortable with. If other people's reaction is to feel bothered by vocabulary they don't know, perhaps that points to something about them.
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    James Cameron's Avatar - Your take?

    I think it's a lazy comparison. Also, because again...there was nothing in Avatar that was about the characters or the plot. Message films tend to be weak on both. The first 30 minutes were PURE character development in a way that message films like Avatar, Fern Gully, Dancing with the Wolves...
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    James Cameron's Avatar - Your take?

    Big problems with the movie. Noble savage, white built, etc. Plot was pathetic and characters one-dimentional. Graphics were nice but simply seemed to exist. Computing technology should be used in service of characterization and plot, not as a way to sell eye-candy. I understand the...
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    Well this is crazy

    But I find boys with braces soooo cute!
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    DPF Stories

    Hey everybody, I was bored the other day and was wandering around DPF and other old diaper websites, even in their non-functioning state. I was wondering if anybody had a repository of the old DPF story collections. A lot of them were fantastic and its sad to see that they are going to go the...
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    Your maturity bores me. Endlessly.

    I have a lot of fun in college, but I definitely do think the maturity level and sophistication of my conversations skyrocketed. I've joined my adulthood more than my childhood, but that's not saying much.