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  1. lilshelly

    Diapers and incontinence

    I wasn't really paying attention to the thread as I have not been actively on the site for years the only reason I came today because I got a notification that you replied. I was thinking about posting something completely different no need to say the post wasn't for me.
  2. lilshelly

    Wife wants me to see a Psychiatrists?

    I will say this. Yes I was one of the ones that came out to my husband before we got married so he knew. I don't care that a person says THIS IS NOT WHAT I SIGNED UP FOR. Uhmmm, yeah you did if the vows mean anything they state for better or worse richer or poorer in sickness and in health...
  3. lilshelly

    Less control while diapered?

    I am definitely like this although I have no issues when I need to go to just go but when I am standing at the coffee pots and emptying them I hear that flow of coffee or water and it is going to happen. I will be wet before I am done.
  4. lilshelly

    Less control while diapered?

    Yeah I kinda know that this topic has been visited before. I have been wearing for about a year and while I still know when I wet I am beginning to forget the fact that I am wet and have to feel my diaper is wet. I like you said I know this is a mental thing. I also am having issues feeling like...
  5. lilshelly

    How Often do you Wear?

    I don't really care anymore that people know I wear. It is just a normal for me sometimes I think people who are out with me might be more self conscious about it than I am. I can understand someone younger might be concerned about being discovered. As for me diapers are a solution because...
  6. lilshelly

    Interesting conversation today

    Most people it is a taboo subject. I wear for my disability so it doesn't bother me much but I still respect others.
  7. lilshelly

    Interesting conversation today

    So I don't know how the topic came about but I was at work and my one co worker said something about wearing depends when she had surgery. She said they were nice. Little did she know I wear everyday. Just something I found odd to come up.
  8. lilshelly

    Mindlessly Diapered

    She has videos about her nursery in which she shows you around and also one explai ning and showing her working on her crib that broke on her. She has a second account that I am guessing is a little more on the adult side. As for it being fake there are those of us that can or would live like...
  9. lilshelly

    My parent wants me to see my physician/neurologist...dreading it

    I have CP my doctor knows that mine is because I don't always make it to the bathroom on time because of my gait. I gave up the ghost of underwear a couple of years ago. I was in a situation where the bathroom was in the back of the store and I worked in the front. I didn't have the best of...
  10. lilshelly

    Trans members

    I am starting my new job Monday I have to wait until they offer the insurance which is about 2 weeks after I start. I tried going off my meds because of money but it made me so sick.
  11. lilshelly

    Trans members

    I make to much for medicade.
  12. lilshelly

    Trans members

    I would love to have surgery but it is financially not in the cards for me. I have been on hormones for 10 years. I might see how much the procedure you had done will cost me. I have to do something. I do appreciate all the replies to my question.
  13. lilshelly

    Trans members

    My issue is there isn't anything to aim down. I am lucky if I don't pee all over myself. Sometimes it is so bad that if I put my hand down there to try and aim down I will pee all over my hand. I appreciate you answering my question. I thought I might have been the only one with this problem.
  14. lilshelly

    Trans members

    Okay so I have not been on in a while but I am back. I have a genuine issue that some of you may have had to deal with and I need your suggestions. So here goes. I was let go from my last job. I used to wear diapers all the time when I was at work and not so much at home. I am getting ready...
  15. lilshelly

    New Diapers at Amazon??

    The AB/DL market looks for certain things and they have figured this out. They also know that people will pay a certain price for it. They won't be able to bring their product into the medical market because people who need them can't afford to spend that kind of money on diapers each...
  16. lilshelly

    Commercial Sharing Thread - Adult Incontinence Version!

    I have seen other commercials for men and depend flex fit. for some reason a firefighter comes to mind. and I don't know so much about now days but back in the 80s and 90s you had soap operas on during the day. The adverts were usually about diapers baby and adult because you had the target...
  17. lilshelly

    medicine and OAB.

    So I have been on the same meds the same dose for 10 years and for some reason even though I have not been wearing on a regular basis the one medication is a diuretic but until recently has never affected me. Not sure what to think at this point. it is not a medicine that I can quit taking and...
  18. lilshelly

    Germany ABDL shop

    I don't think they deliver to the U.S. when translated we were not listed as a delivered country
  19. lilshelly

    Has anybody got overactive bladder from wearing 24/7?

    I was kinda wondering the same thing about wearing and overactive bladder. I had been wearing because of my CP. I had stopped wearing for the most part but would wear on occasion. Now even if I am not wearing I still feel the need to go. If I go at first signal I won't go much. if I put up...
  20. lilshelly

    Commercials Are a Lie.

    I understand how you feel and I still kinda feel lonely even being married because he will probably be on the road for the holidays.