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  1. CrazySmoker

    I have an idea for a new category on adisc

    I prefere being anonymous. In this club (except some really known personally people) nobody knows my real name, face and address. And I'll still keep in this way, because really unwish bad visits and unexpected messages. Enough did my ex - she's abusing her position in the way "I know and can...
  2. CrazySmoker

    Phone Addiction

    Don't phone and drive !!!
  3. CrazySmoker

    To be or not to be...

    Definitively YES. I leave without blood all of those Trumps fans, fascistic and others extremistic parties etc. Lot of food for me.
  4. CrazySmoker

    What's your most recent AB/DL purchase?

    And it is. Like all my pacis... Of course, adult sized.
  5. CrazySmoker

    What's your most recent AB/DL purchase?

    Finally bought this - I wanted it from a long time ago...
  6. CrazySmoker

    Heavy Metal

    Another metal head here...
  7. CrazySmoker

    does your paci help calm you down

    It helps me sleep better. And I've serious problem with unplugging every morning...
  8. CrazySmoker


    Application of restraining stuff
  9. CrazySmoker

    Old Timers 50+ Would you change anything?

    Can I ? - I'm only 40... Cheap and easy to buy the adult pacis.
  10. CrazySmoker

    did you ever ride on a special ed bus .....?

    Police Van counts ?
  11. CrazySmoker

    Which would you prefer?

    Baby around 1-2 years old. It's the best age.
  12. CrazySmoker

    What are your thoughts on the vaccine?

    ... say Thank you, Donald.
  13. CrazySmoker

    What are your thoughts on the vaccine?

    Fun mode Off... This week I'll get the second Pfizer... Some side effects I had after first one, like flu wthout geting hot around 12 - 14 hours and it started next morning after the the vaccination. I think for me I needn't that, but I haven't enough cash to make tests allwhere... And I need...
  14. CrazySmoker

    Ostracized and cyber bullying on abdl Reddit sub.

    Wrong answer. It's asocial Networking
  15. CrazySmoker

    A hele, někdo z Cz... Zdraví 3.oko

    A hele, někdo z Cz... Zdraví 3.oko
  16. CrazySmoker

    Sleeping with a pacifier

    I do paci sleeping nearly every night. Mostly i keep it inside all the night over 20 years. If falls out, so it wake me up, but it's not very frequent.
  17. CrazySmoker

    adult car seat

  18. CrazySmoker

    adult car seat

    The best car seat is mine !!!