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    What Just Happened?

    I don't know, but it looks like your body knows that you are wearing a diaper. In case of pull ups, when you put them on, it's like putting underwear on, so your body thinks it's not ok to wet them, but tape diapers require another procedure to put them on, take more time, so I believe the body...
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    Something that's been bugging me!

    Doesn't bother me... It's your choice to do that and if people judge you, just ignore them...
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    Little Paws?

    They look great, but probably they are removing a product in order to introduce that one...
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    Opposite question: least protection

    Depends on your body. Depends have the least capacity, but if they are still sold, that means lots of people like them.
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    What diaper are you wearing right now?

    Abri Form S4
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    What is your most embarresing moment while being an ABDL?

    Me too here... I loved my passifiers so much that I had 3 passifiers when I was a kid :D
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    Best diapering job in ages :)

    Yes, second one just looks... better! I only have leaking problems with pull ups, but I know people who only leak sometimes in tape on diapers... So looks like the shape of our body can effect the diapers. In case that problem persists, order a free sample of a pull up style and see if it...
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    Hi from Portugal

    Olá Welcome! Glad to have another one from the same nation here! You will find in this place a lot of information about diapers and other stuff!
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    Hi from me

    Welcome to this great community!
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    Summer Punishment

    Thank you both of you for your coments. I will make sure to continue this story and pay attention to those errors :) The other half of the story will be written before the part 2 gets released... ------------------------- EDIT ----------------------------------- The problems with the first...
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    Hello from Portugal

    Thanks all for the kind posts!
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    Guys sagging pants

    Sagging has its origins and some people adopted the new trend. I can't tell them to stop because it's their choice to look that way, we cannot make them o pull their pants till their waist because they are only showing underwear. This brings the point that in the US you can get citations and...
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    Swim diaper

    Don't pee on the pool, that can lead to some health problems to others because you don't know the level of chlorine in the water. Tranquility has some swim diapers here
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    Star Wars

    Try to eat instead of drinking... If you drink, make sure to use the bathroom before the movie and wear one of those pads for small incontinence, it won't show off a lot and you can still use the bathroom during the interval...
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    Hello from Portugal

    I'm from Portugal and I'm 18. I'm studying 300km from home so I got my own place... guess now I can have as much diapers as I want to :D I like to wear Drynites and Abri Forms, I'm a size S because I'm quite thin... I'm a huge fan of aviation, something that I want to do in life... Maybe an Air...
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    Summer Punishment

    I hope you like my story. I like reading other's stories and that's why I decided to start writing some myself. ------------------------------- Summer Punishment School was almost over, Dave and Daniel were best friends and were always together. Both were from the same class and had the same...
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    If I got a pacifier on Amazon, what type of package does it come in?

    It's probably gonna come in a normal brown box or inside a black bag or something... You won't be able to see what's inside ;) Myself I order lots of stuff, I never received something that I could see what it contained and I am almost 100 sure that that's gonna be your case. Amazon respects you...