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    buying diapers in Belgium - Flanders

    Hello, I use Tena or Euron (thuiszorgwinkel). I would like to try other brands. Where do the sell in belgium the next brands (not online but a shop): - Abri-Form Extra Plus, Medium - MoliCare Super Plus, Medium - Attends Slip Regular Plus Special Care ,medium - Kolibri Comslip Special, Medium...
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    Wake up with erection and wet bed

    Hello, Have somebody the expirience and or sollution for: Regulary I wake up with a morning erection. The problem is that the diaper is to small and I wet myself because the diaper is not high enoughf in the front. I use always medium size (Tena slip maxi, Euron form super plus). Once I have...
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    Pajamas in one-piece

    Hello, I would like to have a pajama in one piece. When he is footed or not? thats for me the same. I know there are different brands that I can buy. Or I would by one on the internet. Or my girlfriend would make one. The most I like is this design. privatina - individual one piece fashion...
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    hello every one

    hello, I would like to intreduse myself to the group. I would like to join, because i like very mutch diaper. I have to sleep with them almost every night. Otherwise I can have an accident on my bed. I'am not able to use the internet every day, because I work the most of the time offshore. I...