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    buying diapers in Belgium - Flanders

    Hello, I use Tena or Euron (thuiszorgwinkel). I would like to try other brands. Where do the sell in belgium the next brands (not online but a shop): - Abri-Form Extra Plus, Medium - MoliCare Super Plus, Medium - Attends Slip Regular Plus Special Care ,medium - Kolibri Comslip Special, Medium...
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    Nappy leaking over night

    I have the same problem and also didn't find a solution. yeah, solution is placing new sheet on the bed, but I don't like it. Everything wet.
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    Nappy leaking over night

    something what can help is pointing down. The leaks comes mostly from my whaste. So, when you are shure that he is in he good direction....
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    Greetings from Belgium

    please be welcome and visit the forum like you believe
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    Which do you prefer?

    I don't have a pacifier or a bottle. I have no idea
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    Questions for all bedwetters.

    I have to go every morning to the toilet. I wake up with the need to go. Also when I and the beth is compleet wet.
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    What type of AB/DL are you?

    Primary. I have lots of times tried to get diaper.
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    footed sleeper

    Hello, I have made a wile a go also a thread about one-piece pajamas. I took a look about the different brands and websites that provide pajamas. On my opinien there is one site that stick his head very further out then all the others. individual one piece fashion I have had a look to the...
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    Wake up with erection and wet bed

    Thanks for the laf that I can give you with me (not only me I think) but the subject is so typic ale for a man. Yes, I have nice dreams at night, and I love my girlsfriend very match, and I love to see nice lookinking girls. Yup, I dream about it. And I can wake-up with a bath dream. Changing...
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    My first diapers

    turn on your diaper and enyo the feeling. remember those moments. good !!!!
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    Wake up with erection and wet bed

    I also use frequently tena pants maxi. The are very good in 85%. once or twice a week I have problems. I now mostly when I have to use I have to be carfull. accidents happen. Mostly I use Tena slip maxi, or euron form super plus. very good the both. only on morning erection I have I wet beth...
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    Wake up with erection and wet bed

    The purpuse of my question is not stopping the erection and pointing in belly direction but preventing leakage on top of the diaper. I'am not gone sleep with male chastity device.
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    as seen on the internet

    not my favorite
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    Wake up with erection and wet bed

    I point him always down when I dress myself for going to sleep. But on some mornings he turned up in the direction of my belly. Then the pad in the front is not big enough or complete wet. I don't have plastic pants that are so high. I haven't got an erection that is so special. Normale...
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    Wake up with erection and wet bed

    Thanks for the info, but I sleep always when it happen. I don't have any control about the erection. I know only when it happend. My bed and my front of the pajama is wet.
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    Things to do in a Diaper

    What you can do is getting drunk (older than 21y, otherwise alchol free) so hard that you can't walk any more and wet your diaper. A diaper is disigned to be filled up with .... Enoy your feeling
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    Wake up with erection and wet bed

    Hello, Have somebody the expirience and or sollution for: Regulary I wake up with a morning erection. The problem is that the diaper is to small and I wet myself because the diaper is not high enoughf in the front. I use always medium size (Tena slip maxi, Euron form super plus). Once I have...
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    How old when you when you gave up your paci (as a child)

    I believer around 5 a 6 years. Later, never tried again.
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    how many of you know another AB/TB/DL personally?

    I have never took the moment to met other AB/DL lovers. My girlfriend in not so happy with it.
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    Footed PJs

    have somebody a sleeper like this? privatina footed pajama starlight 540p