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    "Merry Muscles" scaling success. Following up the thread here: Previously I had asked for help in finding a Special Needs Merry Muscles, since the manufacturer had discontinued them. One employee told me that the heavy-duty hardwarey...
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    "Merry Muscles" baby jumper/bouncer, offer, request for help.

    Hi there, There have been some discussions in the past about the "Special Needs" size merry muscles. I'm here to break the sad news that it no longer exists. I have reached out to the manufacturer twice, from different email accounts, in hopes of ordering one. In the first email, I did not...
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    Found another "baby" product that fits me

    Chicco Caddy - clip-on high chair. This junky old computer desk really isn't up to the task, but the chair is. Dear Chicco, Here is what I think of your "37-pound weight limit." Sincerely, Someone who weighs more than three times that.
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    Followup to "Fun Ride" by bn3baby

    ... previous thread came up in a google search, wanted to contribute this reply... As to the toyota one... those carriers aren't that comfortable. If y'all look up a "kinderpack," however, those ARE...