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    Would you discuss ABDL in the public eye? 0:24 I definitely wouldn't. the media would only like to use it to their liking.
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    hello from iowa usa

    no more hints on those interests? :)
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    Six Word Stories. Tell Yours!

    graduated from college, looks for job
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    Finally Got Neko Ears!!!! :D

    now you're a real neko-chan, really cute ears!!! if I ever have trouble with some mice, would I be able to count on you?
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    Trying not to Lose Hope

    courageous from you to basically share that much already with strangers. I'd love to chat with you, though helping you out from here might be over my head, because I'm a newbie myself. are you into sports or instruments or arts? if you are, which ones? do you like reading? anyway, welcome aboard :)
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    I'd love to chat with you as well, if you don't mind that it's only chatting. anyone who wants my skype-mail, please ask it in private
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    Hewos everyones!

    which games are you into? do you prefer a gameboy or gamegirl? :p
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    good day madam, sir!

    I think organ can be quite amusing to play, though. I like it as a bass-instrument in rock. must be hard to learn, a friend of mine does it as well, it seems you immediately get the hang of piano and keyboard afterwards. (probably depending on your skilllevel) But I wonder, are there any faster...
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    good day madam, sir!

    thank you both for wishing me fun and for being so friendly. because of that I shall postpone my plans to conquer earth. I hope I'll find my way
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    Calling All Guitarists!!!

    I've been playing for some more than 5 years. most often I play classical/spanish guitar. I started to play banjo as well, 2 years ago. I have 2 spanish guitars, not branded. Have a accoustic fender gemini, an electric blade. And for as much as you know about banjo, it's a tenor (irish folk...
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    What video game system do you play on?

    laptop, but I'd love to get a gamegirl :p
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    good day madam, sir!

    Good day, you earthlings, I've come from the planet xlrsiiozul58x to steal this world's resources. .... okay, I know, that's not much of an introduction. Hey, my name isn't going to be revealed yet, since I'm rather shy. What I can say is that I'm european, belgian to be exact. I've come from...