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  1. Dan82318

    Pull-ups... what do you find decent?

    I know a lot of you don’t like them, but for daily use They’re simple. I’m about to run out and the next shipment doesn’t come in for almost a week, so what’s some decent recommendations on some, normally I wear the XL kids ones, like goodnites, but they’re medline dry times. So small adult ones...
  2. Dan82318

    Goodnites with the blue sides.

    So my wife bought me some of the XL goodnites, it's a 12 pack, and they seemed maybe a little smaller at first, but the question have is have they improved? Cause they seem to work quite well, I like them, I have only worn these, never any other types of diapers. It's nice to not have to worry...
  3. Dan82318

    Question about Goodnites.

    I wonder if there is maybe a different absorbent material, or if there is any difference at all between Girls and Boys Goodnites, cause it seems when i have tried the girls ones for any time constantly, i get a rash, and they smell bad when wet. Does anyone know what the difference may be...
  4. Dan82318

    Hello Everyone.

    Hello all, Ive been reading the forums for awhile now, and have been Termed a Lurker, lol. I am quite surprised to see there are many other people with might you say... different interests, such as the DL, thought there was just something wrong with me, but starting as a bed wetter, and just...