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    Need help recreating a logo

    Okay I'm not sure if this would be appropriate to ask or not. But is their anyone that knows any good software to make jpeg logos into HQ logos to download for windows 10? I hate to ask for requests (because I'm assuming I'm not allowed to on ADISC when it comes to that) but I'm trying to...
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    Windows xp 32 download problem, need help

    Hi, so as some of you probably guessed from the title I'm trying to download windows xp 32 for windows 10 (I have a windows 10 laptop). I've tried several different downloads to get windows xp 32 for windows 10 but got nowhere, I'm not an expert so could anyone help me in any sort of way...
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    Diapers on Black Friday

    So just of curiosity is there any public stores or online stores where you can get great deals for adult diapers? Sorry if that was a stupid question.
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    Wanting to be diapered in a hospital

    So this is probably a dumb question but I'm only asking to those who've had experience like this. So in December of 2017 I'm going to have surgery & be put to sleep to remove a cyst, but to those who are incontinent or not I have a question out of curiosity. If you were incontinent or not...
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    New diapers from Rearz?

    So I made an account on Rearz back around May of 2017 in case if I want to buy some of their products in the future, & we all know Halloween is coming soon (& it'll be over by the time this post gets up). So let me get to the point. Rearz has been sending me emails about about a contest...
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    Cloth vs disposable

    So I have a question to those who wear cloth & disposable diapers. Whenever you sleep day or night, does a disposable diaper get sweaty & maybe a little humid? Or is that with cloth diapers? For anyone who wonders why I asked there's no A/C at my house & I'm trying to conserve my disposable...
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    Favorite storybook

    Hi everyone, So I don't see very many posts talking about this subject (there's one similar to this from 2011) & I wasn't sure which category to post this subject (my apologies), but here's what I'm curious about. What is your favorite storybook you like to read? Or what is the one storybook...
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    Tapes coming apart

    Hey everyone, I have a question I'm curious about to those who wear double sided tape adult diapers. Whenever one or more tapes fall apart whenever your asleep or awake what do you do about it? Try to fix it? Or throw it away or what? For anyone who doesn't understand whenever I wear my...
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    Being crafty

    Hey everyone, Today I'm here to bring up a subject in the "Off-Topic" section, & this subject is weird & unnecessary I apologize. Okay so does anyone like to get crafty? Anybody like to sew & make stuffed animals/dolls? Or sew to make clothes? Or use different tools & techniques to make...
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    Custom adult diapers

    Hey everybody, today my mom is going to buy some adult diapers from Fred's, & there's one thing I'm kinda curious about. For those who buy medical plain adult diapers from a store in person or from online (or both). Do you make your diapers custom made by coloring on them or something to make...
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    Any other ABDL dating sites?

    Hey everyone, So I'm assuming this certain discussion already has been discussed previous times, but I'm here to seek advice or something from someone who understands ABDL. So I'm not really much of a AB but have been curious of what's it's like to dress like a baby, act like a baby, & mostly...
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    Wanting to know opinions of adult diapers

    Hello everyone, I don't know if this type of subject for diaper talk has been discussed (if it has I apologize). So as a DL I've never tried an actual AB diaper...but never tried a lot of medical diapers neither (some but not a lot). So here's my question to those AB/DL's out their. If you...
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    New to the AB/DL community

    Hi, I'm not new to being a DL but I'm actually shy about meeting some new people in the AB/DL community. I mean I suppose its okay (as long as its safe to trust one another that is), I've never had friends who are AB/DL so this is my very first time, & I'm fixing to turn 20 soon. So is their...