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    Silent, thick, and absorbent: Diapers for my GF to wear in public

    Why thank you very much! As for tainting the experience for her, I doubt that's even a possibility. I totally get what you're saying and I appreciate your concern but her and I have talked about it a lot and she's much more nonchalant about it than I. In fact, I think she was the one to...
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    Silent, thick, and absorbent: Diapers for my GF to wear in public

    Hey ADISC, its been a while since I've posted here, my diaper binging and purging has been in a purge for quite some time, largely due to finding a significant other. Her and I have been friends for years and finally got around to making an item of ourselves. Well, long story short, after about...
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    A very cliché story.

    I see exactly what he means by cliche; the younger sibling being more "matured" than our main character, the whole idea of a diapered road trip, going to the grandparents place leaves the possibility for "older" ways, all very cliche elements in diaper fiction(the latter of which are...
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    Younger Siblings

    There is something to this connection between having to grow up earlier than we would organically and ABDL tendencies. I'm the youngest of my family with one older sibling but, as my mom has said on numerous occasions, she HATED taking care of babies. She hated almost everything about it. Not...
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    Diaper Cyber Monday Sales?

    Hey all, I was just wondering if there are any ABDL websites or diaper supply websites that have in years past done Cyber Monday sales. I know ABU likes to have sales, so have they done inventory wide Cyber Monday sales in the past? My hope is to get a cloth backed velcro cloth diaper and a...
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    Something I've noticed

    I've heard a lot of people say they use it as an escape from reality. A temporary abandonment of responsibility. I think this escapism may apply more to non-fetishist ABs, because my life is fairly lacking in stress and yet, here we are.
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    Question for the guys who wear medium diapers

    I wear mediums. 6'3" 196lbs, ~34" waist.
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    So, How do you get rid...

    I generally let my trash can get full and keep it somewhat full so when I have a diaper to dispose of I just taco it up, put it in a gallon zip-lock bag and hide it in the middle of the trash bag. Then I just tie that up and take it to the bin outside.
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    My first cloth diaper

    Thanks for the info! Things like this are good to know seeing as this isn't exactly the kind of thing I'd want to line dry for several obvious reasons. XD
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    My first cloth diaper

    What's your experience like with washing it?
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    My first cloth diaper

    I'm very very interested in this diaper. Did you get the plastic exterior or cloth?
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    if you could stop liking diapers

    Yes. Occasionally I think I do but I always go back to it... these days it seems like I'm liking them less and less often...
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    Think About - PBS program in 1970's where boy wants to be like his baby brother

    Reminds me of the episode of the Rugrats where it was Angelica's birthday and she tried avoiding future responsibility by making herself a baby.
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    Interest inconsistency/Looking for a discrete diaper

    Hey everyone, I haven't really been on for a while(not as if I was ever really involved with the community or anything) but I might be back again lurking like I was before for a little bit and I also might get back to the story I was writing because people seemed to like it. I haven't been on...
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    Odd motivation?

    ...Interesting take to say the least. I don't plan on starving myself by any means, just trim down some fat through healthy exercise, so I wouldn't really think what I'm trying to do would be considered 'self-mutilation.' I know there are adults that can fit into Goodnites(and not all of a...
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    Shopping for Variety(requesting opinions and suggestions)

    This seems ideal for cloth(I would probably be better off getting the version without the plastic backing and then getting plastic pants). Does anyone have any experience with the ABU Cloth Velcro diaper?
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    What would be the best value?

    I'll just say I'm very happy with mine. I can't say I fully know the difference between "clumping" and "swelling"(as my ATNs are my first pack of diapers ever) so in that field I'm pretty useless but as for wetting, it can hold one moderate to heavy wetting... and more. For me, it held, what I...
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    Black Disposable Diaper

    I like black and where it often but thats a no go for me. I like to kinda be able to so whats going on.
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    Odd motivation?

    huh... might just get a pack next time I order... which probably won't be for a while XD
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    Odd motivation?

    And they actually fit without tearing at the sides? :o