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    Silent, thick, and absorbent: Diapers for my GF to wear in public

    Hey ADISC, its been a while since I've posted here, my diaper binging and purging has been in a purge for quite some time, largely due to finding a significant other. Her and I have been friends for years and finally got around to making an item of ourselves. Well, long story short, after about...
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    Diaper Cyber Monday Sales?

    Hey all, I was just wondering if there are any ABDL websites or diaper supply websites that have in years past done Cyber Monday sales. I know ABU likes to have sales, so have they done inventory wide Cyber Monday sales in the past? My hope is to get a cloth backed velcro cloth diaper and a...
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    Interest inconsistency/Looking for a discrete diaper

    Hey everyone, I haven't really been on for a while(not as if I was ever really involved with the community or anything) but I might be back again lurking like I was before for a little bit and I also might get back to the story I was writing because people seemed to like it. I haven't been on...
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    Odd motivation?

    So I'm thinking of starting to work out and lose some weight starting this spring. I'm not obese or anything(6', 33"~34" waist) but other than for my health I'd just really like to fit into a Goodnite. I just find the full padding front to back pull-up with prints to be very appealing but I'm...
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    Shopping for Variety(requesting opinions and suggestions)

    I recently picked up my first pack of diapers which were Tranquility ATNs. For their "class" I like them. They're pretty absorbent and the PERFECT price. The only problem I've run into so far is that they're EXTREMELY crinkly. I don't own any briefs, but there is no way that boxers and jeans can...
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    FREE, completely discreet shipping & my first AB/DL order

    So some of you may have seen the thread I made about a week and a half ago about me making my first AB/DL related order and with that, getting my first AB/DL related items(other than the pacifier that I already had). Welp, I was really nervous(nervous enough to where I've waited til now to...
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    Medline Comfort-Aire Briefs? (appears to be a great deal)

    Through the "80% of Diaper Wearers Dissatisfied" thread, I found what appears to be a really great deal on Medline Comfort-Aire Briefs. I found a 24 pack for $12.64. I'm just wondering if they're worth it. While I'm at it, does anyone have any experience with Bright Medical? Do they do discreet...
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    First AB/DL online order

    So I'm making my first online order and I'm pretty nervous about it. My cart consists of the following: -2 Pack of Nuk 3 pacis -Gerber First Essential 5 ounce bottle -6 pack of Gerber First Essential Fast flow nipples -1 12 pack of tranquility ATNs My order total is about $24, so if anyone has...
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    Baby Bottle help?

    I'm looking to buy a baby bottle and I was considering this one. My question is, would this nipple fit on it? If not could somebody help me find a fast/variable flow nipple that would fit that bottle? Thanks in advanced.