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  1. RubberJin

    How to get Diapers online without people noticing

    1. Amazon are not to be trusted at all, they will absolutely track and remember all sorts of stuff. I would never buy ANYTHING private or sensitive from them. If you don't already, check out adblockers and the like to avoid companies like Amazon, Google, and Facebook from knowing far too much...
  2. RubberJin

    How many Babies Here are from UK?

    Hello from daaahn saaaarf. DL not AB but no-one's perfect.
  3. RubberJin

    Lack of Retail Presence for ABDL Community

    The Dutch ABDL champion Emma has actually gotten small packs of ABDL diapers into sex shops as a product. I think re-packaging in a smaller 2 or 4 pack at most was the key, in a way that can be "retail" displayed rather than a crate or pack like you'd find kids diapers in a supermarket. It means...
  4. RubberJin

    Ordering from SaveExpress to UK after Brexit

    It's been 3 years since 2019, prices go up... also, it's been quite an eventful 3 years with a lot of stuff that has disrupted the global economy, movement of goods, etc... Frankly right now I'm impressed there's not a lot more issues than we're seeing. Maybe it's to come, hopefully not though.
  5. RubberJin

    Ordering from SaveExpress to UK after Brexit

    I thought Dotty Diaper Co was British?
  6. RubberJin


    Glastonbury loos are some of the best at festivals or indeed almost any live event, as long as you use a little common sense (EG don't pick the 5 portaloos nearest the crowd - walk to the further end of the line, and always have your own loo roll &/or wet wipes on hand) they're absolutely fine...
  7. RubberJin

    Semi Truck drivers in diapers???

    I wouldn't put a purchase of baby wipes as meaning anything - they're supremely practical things to have, they can be used for emergency toilet stops, cleaning dirty hands, all-over wash when there's no showers, etc... I'm not AB but I carry baby wipes in my cars as part of the emergency kit...
  8. RubberJin

    where is the best place to live

    Wherever you pick it will have problems - the grass is always greener...
  9. RubberJin

    Worried About Things Disappearing?

    TBH if it was made once it could be made again - sure you may have to pay someone 10x the price to make a bespoke copy but if it's worth it you'll do it.
  10. RubberJin

    Rearz BAD company

    If you're a commercial artist selling work to a company to use on a product it's entirely normal to sign over all rights to it, the company buys the design outright, they don't want you coming back later demanding more money for a job you did years ago. Same as doing almost any design work on...
  11. RubberJin

    Has anyone built a tiny home?

    I'm with you on standard trailers (we call 'em caravans here) being flimsy although some of the nicer (German) ones are decent enough for heavy use. The reason is most cars in Europe can't tow heavy stuff, so weight is absolutely key to the manufacturers. They try to keep stuff well below 2ton...
  12. RubberJin

    Has anyone built a tiny home?

    I'll be honest I think they're a hipster fad - a standard trailer is ready-built and often far more practical / affordable. So many of these things get built almost entirely for the instagram likes with zero real-world practicality and a ton of labour unaccounted for. In a lot of places it's...
  13. RubberJin

    Anger towards AB?

    I've only skimmed this thread and your other one on the subject but I think it's not unreasonable that she feels somewhat betrayed after 20 years - and you have to keep in mind that other people do not share any understanding of kinks etc. Remember, she's got no real point of reference here, so...
  14. RubberJin

    What diaper are you wearing right now?

    Dotty Super Boompa and Kinkydiapers rubber pants
  15. RubberJin

    Best uk Diapers??

    Another vote here for dotty - they may not hold the most or be the fluffiest but they are the only ~4000ml+ ones I've had that don't explode when saturated - ABU and Crinklz both went pop numerous times. I have given up reading online reviews unless they are all overwhelmingly negative it's...
  16. RubberJin

    My Very Expensive Crappy Car $$$

    I never buy anything I can't afford to throw away and replace tomorrow if it goes bang or I get fed up with it. That said, with regular servicing and a bit of TLC I've had years of great driving out of cars rescued from the scrap heap.
  17. RubberJin

    Posting on Separate DL Insta?

    Once you put something online you've got to assume it's there forever. Remember bored 4Chan users once tracked down a dude who abused a kitten online just from the background of his photos, no faces or anything, so you've really got to think twice about this - you can already "reverse image...
  18. RubberJin

    Any Car guys here

    I've built a few - mostly Land Rovers. Not posting pics though, as I would point out to you guys that "reverse image search" is very much a thing and people can very easily (almost by accident) find you posting pics of your cars here from anywhere else you've posted that same picture. Google...
  19. RubberJin

    Festivals/theme parks

    I do wonder about doing it but I suspect the realities of it are a lot less fun than the fantasy. Certainly at festivals there's been times when it would've been brilliant, but also a lot more times it would've gotten nasty / uncomfortable very quickly. Lots of walking around / dancing in the...
  20. RubberJin

    Dont post fantasy threads!

    I haven't read all the replies in this thread but I do think it's especially bad when idiots wander from the ABDL side into the IC side of this forum and post whollly inappropriate / insensitive stuff (including fake stories) - it's very disrespectful of people who have a medical condition...