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  1. littlemoosey

    I had the best day today

    It has been a long time since I have gotten a dedicated "little" day with momma2moosey, it just seems there is always something from work to taking care of my son to any number of other things that pop up on the schedule that just take priority. Well today was different. When I came downstairs...
  2. littlemoosey

    To those with engaged and caring wives/mommies/SO's

    I was talking to my niece today. She is being trained in neural feedback. A mechanism that can rewire the brains firing patterns and reduce the affects of trauma and stress. It is pretty new stuff and sounds promising for many different problems. She said that it is possible that those with DID...
  3. littlemoosey

    OK I never get to tell a story like this.

    I mentioned in an earlier post that momma2moosey has been away and I have been using disposable diapers as it was easier to diaper myself. Well of course they have to be disposed of. So today, I was going to dispose of the well tied bag of 3 at a gas station when I filled up. But... I had to...
  4. littlemoosey

    Am I remembering this corrrectly?

    I seem to remember some time ago reading about people that put disposables in the dryer on low to fluff them a bit before wearing. Is that true? Does it work? The reason I ask is that now that I have worn them a bit more, I did notice that out of the package they were very flat... not much body...
  5. littlemoosey

    REALLY!...An expiration date on disposable diapers!!!

    So, I have been using disposable diapers more this week than I ever have as I am alone and self diapering is a little easier. I have at least 3 dozen of different ABU diapers. They have been boxed up in the closet for over a year... I just prefer cloth but over the week I have come to...
  6. littlemoosey

    So, Momma2moosey is out of town... and I am on my own for a whole week

    Aside from the fact that it is awfully lonely here without her, and that no matter how hard I try... I just can not get a cloth diaper on myself as snug as momma2moosey can! So, I have pulled out my emergency stash of ABU disposables. I have some Super Dry Kids/Simple Ultras and some Pre School...
  7. littlemoosey

    There is nothing better than...?

    Having a warm diaper right out of the dryer pinned on snugly and then being given a big hug! What is the the best thing for you?
  8. littlemoosey

    STUFFIES attending baseball games in Japan!

    So yesterday I was out to lunch and the eating establishment had live baseball from Japan on. You could see there was no one in the stands and some of the players were wearing masks. The funny thing was, when they went to the view from behind the pitcher to the batter at home plate, the...
  9. littlemoosey

    What happened to Sally Anne?

    Sally Anne used to check in quite a bit, but we have not heard from her in months. I have even PM'D her but nothing. Has anybody been in touch with her... is everything OK?
  10. littlemoosey

    Something I thought that I would never do...

    Many of you who know my story know that I held this secret for over 50 years, and I did not tell my wife for 30 years. It was that closely held, it was the bane of my life. It was simultaneously embarrassing and humiliating. Fast forward, life events have me finally telling my wife and it...
  11. littlemoosey

    what diaper is this?

  12. littlemoosey

    Percentage Of AB's in the general population???

    At one time, I read an estimate of the percentage of AB's, I want to say it was 1 in a 1000 or 1 in a 100. Does anybody know? I realize that this is only an estimate as we really have not been counted for obvious reasons... just wondering.
  13. littlemoosey

    Is there really a PAF CON?

    Just saw an old re-run of CSI, entitled, "TO KILL FUR". The plot revolved around a "PLUSIHIE AND FURRIE convention in Vegas... do they have such a thing? At these conventions do they really ERF PILE and SKRIT? Just wondering on how close they got it on the episode.
  14. littlemoosey

    How far removed is your “little persona” from who you are in real life?

    All of us wear a mask of some sort. Some more than others. For instance there are some whose real life does not even resemble their little side, a vice cop, military special forces, etc. etc. that is, if some one knew you wore diapers and were “little” they would be blown away. In fact the...
  15. littlemoosey

    A message from ybboB and MommyScarlett

    I know that ybboB told you that his wife, MommyScarlett, was having medical issues and we have all been hoping for the best for them. Both of them have been on our prayer list since we found out. It's funny how you hit it off with some people, ybboB and I have allot in common. We are about the...
  16. littlemoosey

    liltavimunk..has anybody used him????

    Has anybody here used "liltavimunk" to do an avitar? His stuff looks really nice. 3 months ago, I went to his site and filled out a form to have one done. I have not heard anything at all from him even acknowledging that I was trying to commission something. Anyways, he does not have a...
  17. littlemoosey

    Its been awful quiet around here lately

    Lately it feels like nothing is going on. Everybody must be busy with school or out on vacation. We just have not had any great threads lately. Unfortunately, I do not have anything to offer except this thread as to, "why there are no new and interesting threads" someone has to have something...
  18. littlemoosey

    Well going on vacation tomorrow....

    For the first time in the last 16 mos. I will have to go, "big boy" for the next 3 weeks. I think that it will feel a bit unusual as for the most part, I have been diapered for bed and on some days diapered for the day. I love wearing diapers to bed, night cloth pre-folds are very thick and...
  19. littlemoosey

    Just saw the new "winnie the Pooh" movie it was outstanding!

    I was not sure what my expectations were going to be when I went in. But I walked out pleasantly surprised and a little teared up. What a great story about things that are important in your life, that during "life" we loose sight off. If you are a pooh fan in any way, don't miss it, it was very...
  20. littlemoosey

    How did you hide your diapers and baby things growing up? Were they ever found?

    Well, I guess Ill start off. When you are growing up you tend to think that you are more clever than you really are. It is amazing though that I truly did not get found out, at least as far as I know. But I think it is because I was left home alone...all the time. Idle hands are the devils...