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  1. bbabysitter26

    Working Out in Diapers

    Has anyone tried this? I can't imagine it being comfortable, but part of me wants to try. Definitely wouldn't use powder.
  2. bbabysitter26

    I Remember when I was still in diapers...

    I used to really enjoy building forts. I was still wearing diapers at night because I was having accidents. For some reason I thought there was some evil force sneaking into my room at night and forcing me to wet the bed. So as a defense against the evil force I would build a fort. I had a...
  3. bbabysitter26

    Diaper Badge

    A few months back there was talk about wearing pins in public to represent (secretly) that you're an ABDL. You can read that thread here Anyway, I saw someone in L.A. with a pin over the left side of their pants pocket. I'm curious has anyone been rocking the pin? Have you seen anyone else...
  4. bbabysitter26

    Ok I got my cloth Diaper...

    I just received my first cloth diaper from Along with a blue onsie and leak master plastic pants. So far the onsie doesn't really fit right. The diaper is visible and the crotch is way to big. I wanted the onsie to pull against the diaper and tighten the whole thing up...
  5. bbabysitter26

    What is the best Cloth Diaper?

    I've only tried one cloth diaper and it was from I didn't really like it and it barely held any wetting. Are cloth diapers better than disposables?? If so, which should I get? How do I go about sizing? Where should I get them from? I was looking at this site...
  6. bbabysitter26

    Diapers and the Cinema

    So I previously posted about activities in diapers and I noticed a few people who liked to go to the movies in diapers. (You can see that post Here ) I thought that this was a great idea as I'm almost always painfully holding my bladder so that I won't miss a beat. It's pretty public wearing...
  7. bbabysitter26

    Activities in Diapers

    Last night I had a blast. My sister was out of town so I had the whole apartment to myself. I just strapped on my diaper (two actually hehe) powdered up and cooked myself dinner. Then I did some laundry, watched some TV, ate some snacks, drank some milk (I wish I had a big bottle, but I did...
  8. bbabysitter26

    Online College

    Has anyone here gotten a degree from an online school? If so which one? Did You graduate? Did you learn good skills? How were the classes? Any help is appreciated. I'm currently looking at Kaplan, Phoenix, Northcentral, and cal.
  9. bbabysitter26

    How To: Adult Baby Converts

    Hey guys, I was thinking that some people might be an AB or DL and not realize it. There have been plenty of cases where someone was introduced to it by a spouse or boyfriend or girlfriend. I think that there is a way to introduce non-practicing people into our fetishes and eventually show...
  10. bbabysitter26

    Please Help ASAP!

    I have 3 Huge boxes of Diapers coming today!!! They were supposed to come last week but the order was pushed back some reason and now my sister will be around when the packages get here. I ordered 6 full packs of diapers (all different brands). I know she won't open them because she would...
  11. bbabysitter26

    To have diapers or not to have diapers...that is the question!

    If someone invented a pill that could "cure" your desire to wear diapers, act like a baby, child, furry, etc...would you take the pill? Note: After taking the pill you would have no memory of ever liking diapers, etc. Diapers would appear to you the same way a pen does or a piece of paper. ???
  12. bbabysitter26

    How do you make an ABDL avatar?

    I see a lot of people with cool art for their avatars some with diapers and some without. I was curious how you did this? What program was used, was it hand drawn and scanned? Any suggestions?
  13. bbabysitter26

    The Brian Jonestown Massacre

    I was wondering if anybody here are fans of their music. I'm a huge fan. If you haven't listened to them before check them out. They are a neo-psychedelic band that started in San Fran in the early 90s. There is a Documentary about them and The Dandy Warhols called Dig. A few songs to...
  14. bbabysitter26

    More Free Samples!

    DiapersDiapersDIAPERS!!! Yay!
  15. bbabysitter26

    What are some good sites for ABDL muches/meet-ups?

    I really like this site, but I want to build a network of others in my area and was wondering how to get more involved with something like that. Are there other forum sites? Any and all recommendations are welcomed!
  16. bbabysitter26

    Why Do we love DIAPERS??

    Sometimes when I'm sitting in my apartment with nothing but a wet nappy on, I become in awe of myself. I mean, I enjoy sitting in a puffy, soft, absorbent, crinkly undergarment full of my own urine; I think to myself, "Wow, I really love this!?" I don't understand the full reason why I love...
  17. bbabysitter26

    OMG...I think i got caught, but I'm not sure

    So I share an apartment with my sister and I keep my Diapers in a locked bag so she doesn't find them (nor could try to if she wanted). The thought of my sister finding out about my most personal hobby just isn't something I'm ready for at this juncture of my life( and it may never be), but the...
  18. bbabysitter26

    Attention fellow Adult babies: What's Missing?

    Does anyone have an idea for a service that is missing from the ABDL community? A Website? A Product? A Seminar? A Service? Or is there something out there already that could use some improvement? No answer is too outrageous. Please tell me your thoughts! Thanks guys, B
  19. bbabysitter26

    I have a momy, but do I stay with her?

    In March of 2010 I met a girl 8 years older than me (I was 22 and she was 30). We met because we just happened to be renting rooms from the same guy. She was immediately attracted to me and we eventually hit it off. We were together for almost a year. I told her everything about me. All of...