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  1. Poofybutt

    Dose anyone else love drooling

    I'm with Moosey on this one, it's not that I love it, but it happens. I suppose I'm indifferent to it, but I can't deny, I feel awfully tiny when I wake up with a little puddle of drool under my chin :) My Mommy definitely loves it though, she finds it very cute. When we have our video chats...
  2. Poofybutt

    Play time

    When I regress and play, I do some combination of the following :) -Snuggle my stuffies -Shake my rattles -Stack my soft blocks Oh and when I have skype calls with my Mommy, we play peek-a-boo together, that's always a blast 😄
  3. Poofybutt

    The Beauty of AB

    Greetings everyone :) It's been a long time since I last posted. I've still been around, checking on the forums every now and then. I'd also be lying if I said that the state of the world today and my own anxieties hadn't made me withdraw some... life has been difficult and things can get...
  4. Poofybutt

    Is ABDL Roleplay As Fulfilling/Blissful As Imagined By ABDL's Who Have Never Had The Chance To Experience Actual ABDL Roleplay

    I can't vouch for everyone and I can see why one would think that the reality doesn't match up with the fantasy... heck, just trying out diapers for the first time can be underwhelming, but I must say, as someone who has had 3 GF/Mommies throughout his life, being cared for, nurtured and treated...
  5. Poofybutt

    Everyone’s favorite word for diaper?

    I'm a simple bABy, Diaper and diapee for me :) Oh, and nappy... when my Mommy says it 😄 She spent some time in the UK, so that is what she uses, it sounds much nicer coming from her ☺
  6. Poofybutt

    Just Wondering

    As Eliot69 has stated, the feelings that diapers evoke are likely to be different for everyone. Understanding why your BF is drawn to this lifestyle and what diapers mean to him will also depend on whether he is a DL (Diaper-Lover) or an AB (Adult-Baby). I would say that for most DLs, wearing a...
  7. Poofybutt

    Using A Massage Table As A Diaper Changing Table

    Yep, that's certainly a clever way to go about getting a changing table :) Me and my Mommy have been talking about cost-effective ways to get a nursery for yours truly going sometime down the line and a massage table is definitely something we are considering for a change table ☺ Another...
  8. Poofybutt

    What do you call them?

    Being from North America, diaper is the term I have always used, that and sometimes the more childish variant of diapees :) Although nappy has been becoming a part of my commonly used vocabulary now. My Mommy is from Europe, but she spent a lot of time in the UK, so she always calls them...
  9. Poofybutt

    Music in little space?

    Lullabies, plain and simple :) I find them soothing and they can also be a great regression aid 😄 Rock-a-bye Baby, Hush Little Baby, Itsy Bitsy Spider, You Are My Sunshine, Go To Sleep, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Brahm's Lullaby are all personal favourite ☺
  10. Poofybutt

    what your little age

    I find I tend to have a range as well; anywhere from 6 months when I want to just nap and be cared for to maybe 1.5 years when I want to snuggle and explore :) According to my Mommies, past and present, they seem to think I fall on the younger end of the spectrum. My current Mommy says 6-8...
  11. Poofybutt

    Looking to buy diapers for first time!

    You're probably not gonna want to hear this, but store bought brands will not make for a good first time experience :cautious: Take it from someone who was in your shoes years ago, store-bought brands suck, you'll likely be limited to Depends or no-name brands and they barely absorb even a...
  12. Poofybutt

    Diaper that holds it shape best when wet?

    Crinklz for sure hold their shape incredibly and while they haven't been mentioned yet, I have noticed that some ABU brands like Cushies, Little Pawz and SDK manage to retain their shape and bulk incredibly well when wet 🙂 Truth be told though, the only diapers that I have tried that regularly...
  13. Poofybutt

    Favourites Tag ♥ (Your Favourite things) ♥

    Should we answer as our Big selves or as our AB/Little selves :unsure: Oh, who am I kidding, this is in the Adult-Baby forum after all 😅 Animal: Puppers/Doggies 🐶 and Bears in a close second 🧸 Cats are nice too 🐱 Book: Hard to pick cause Mommy reads me so many. Good Night Moon and Love You...
  14. Poofybutt

    This site made me realize I **may have**missed an opportunity...

    You're most certainly over thinking things and over analyzing this in hindsight. With regards to the pads, unless they were heavy-duty incontinence ones or goodnites, then she was likely just wearing normal pads and liners as she saw fit. Having had quite a few girlfriends, they don't just wear...
  15. Poofybutt

    Diaper check

    Yeah, that's my current Mommy/GF's favourite way to check 😄 It also helps that whether I need changing or not, I absolutely love padded bum pats ☺
  16. Poofybutt

    Diaper check

    Cute caption :) I have been lucky enough to have been checked and changed by some very special and wonderful Women/Mommies in my life :) I can attest that a diaper check certainly reinforces the nature of this dynamic in a very loving, natural and at times, playful way ☺ Unlike what the caption...
  17. Poofybutt

    Little vs. AB?

    Sometimes the terms are used interchangeably, but there is most certainly a difference between the two :) AB has always been the original term for this lifestyle and interest. AB literally means Adult-Baby, it typically refers to an adult who regresses to baby age, I'd say 2 or below. Some...
  18. Poofybutt

    Do you have an aesthetic or look you that you want your mommy or daddy to have?

    You are entitled to your opinion. It's clear that you view this as more of a one-dimensional, kink-oriented role-play scenario, that's fine, to each their own :) I still respectfully disagree and will say that the persona of the caregiver is of major importance to an AB. Also, it's not as much...
  19. Poofybutt

    Do you have an aesthetic or look you that you want your mommy or daddy to have?

    My thoughts exactly Trevor :) Mrs. Zaronab, I would derive the exact opposite from what has been posted here. The takeaway should be that appearance and aesthetics are secondary, what is of the utmost importance is a true emotional connection, compatibility and a bond with your partner :)...
  20. Poofybutt

    Abdl dating...

    I hear you, I was in the same boat once, I too have been an AB all my life and I know that finding accepting partners and forming lasting relationships, AB/DL or not, is never easy, whether it's through the normal channels or online. I am fortunate that I have found my GF/Mommy :) I don't think...