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    Pro Gaming Glasses?

    Enjoy yourself EagleEye2! If it makes you happy, then damn what the others say and have fun! The glasses are quite cool looking. =D
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    Adult baby daycare center opened

    It's an interesting idea, I think I've heard about stuff like this before, like a summer camp for ABs. Personally I think it would be too awkward for me, but that's just me. =P
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    Welcome! And oh, an artist? What sort of art do you like to dabble in?
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    Desktop or Laptop

    I would definitely suggest getting a laptop for college, it's pretty convenient. But if you're a hard-core gamer that can sacrifice portability for power, then get a desktop. =D
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    Anyone here play Runescape?

    I've played off and on for 7 or so years now. I haven't been playing lately because I'm finding it's getting harder to get interested in playing again.
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    how do you sleep: Back, side or tummy?

    I go to sleep on my side, but when I wake up I feel like I've been everywhere on my bed! Sometimes I wake up sideways, horizontal on my bed. I've always wanted to be able to sleep on my back but I've never been able to. ;(
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    Welcome! I've never had the opportunity to play Magic before, but I always thought it looked interesting.
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    Welcome! Goodnights are one of my favorites too. And nice avatar! =D
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    My "Diaper Boxers" (with pictures)

    Well done! That's a pretty nifty invention you have there. =P
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    homophobia...any ideas?

    I am a gay, effeminate male and the hatred on these forums no longer continues to surprise me. I've been a member for a while, mostly a lurker. When I go through threads and posts, I usually see a lot of members being close-minded. It amazed me at first, because we're supposed to be a...
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    I return! =D

    Awesome, I'm in the northeastern part, near Jacksonville.
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    I return! =D

    Oh cool, what part if you don't mind me asking?
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    I return! =D

    Uh oh lol...Thank you =D
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    I return! =D

    Hello everyone! I've returned from a very extended absence from this site. I was never much of a poster, but maybe things can change (pun intended! :biggrin: ). Most of the time I just lurk around and read what's interesting. Some background on me... I'm a college student in Florida...
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    I just wanted to see how many TBs had myspaces, if anyone wants to add me mine in :biggrin: