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  1. Sparkz

    What does being a sissy mean to YOU?

    Years of therapy have helped me recognize that my mother really wanted a girl and she wasn’t shy about letting me know that. So as an adult now I feel like it’s the only time I can be loved. So to be a sissy and diapered is about the only time when I can feel lovable.
  2. Sparkz

    Baby Morgan brand blanket replacement

    :love: That’s what I have wrapped around my neck right now. If I were to replace the edging myself, do you know what material the original is? I’ve seen acrylic and satin referenced.
  3. Sparkz

    Baby Morgan brand blanket replacement

    I love the waffle knit and silky soft edging of these blankets but the edging falls apart pretty easily. They’re not made anymore so their prices on eBay are over $100 for ones with soft edges. Any suggestions as to an alternative brand? The soft edges are more important to me than the waffle...
  4. Sparkz

    Justice has girls size 22 & 24 plus now!

    This is very exciting! At 6'1" ~170lbs a 24+ top and 22/24+ bottom of pajamas fit me great!
  5. Sparkz

    I'm curious how many transgender or sissies have suffered physical orasexual or mental abuse.

    Mental emotional abuse here - therapist describes the things I went through as a "legit mind f***". Things that called into question the very essence of self and gender identity. In my case it 100% is what made me a Sissy ABDL LG and whatever else you wanna throw in. After nearly a decade...
  6. Sparkz

    2014 Upgraded Dry 24/7's

    Way more stiff than the old design, yup. Kind of reminded of dried paper mâché, a tad brittle but still remained stiff. I'd be interested in hearing from the manufacturer if they wanted the stiffness for some reason we haven't figured out yet or if it's just a side effect of the thinner but...
  7. Sparkz

    2014 Upgraded Dry 24/7's

    Trying a medium now. They seem to have the same feel as the old ones except that the padding is soooooo firm, ew. I had to squish and roll the material around to break it up before putting it on and it helped. I'm also going to try storing them on the top shelf of the towel closet in the...
  8. Sparkz

    Wearing panties full time

    What about a triangle or training bra? That shouldn't add any padding to your chest but you'll still feel it.
  9. Sparkz

    XP Medical Absorbency Plus - Level 4

    I normally wear the Abena M4's and the Medium Level 4 extends maybe an inch farther in front and back on me. I'm in the skinny dude range too. - - - Updated - - - I had one tape pop because I was sitting with my legs crossed in my desk chair again, which always pops the tapes on most diapers...
  10. Sparkz

    Your partner's reaction that you're a diaper lover

    I told my wife before we started dating, while we were still friends of 5+ years. I chose that time because I was crazy about her and I couldn't handle the thought of losing her after we'd started dating. My thought was; "I'll tell her now and if she's still a friend after that, if we start...
  11. Sparkz

    Your partner's reaction that you're a diaper lover

    My wife is accepting and supportive but does not participate. Even so, I imagine some people are jealous of what I have. You, Mr agent, are what I'm jealous of! :)
  12. Sparkz

    Camping in Washington?

    There are actually a lot of out-of-the-way camp sites which are maintained by WA DNR. They usually only hold one, maybe two separate camps, but are typically no where near towns. However, many are near roads, albeit remote ones. If that interests you then take a look at the DNR site or any of...
  13. Sparkz

    Wearing through airport security

    Has anybody gone through the US TSA's airport body scanners while diapered? I've avoided it for fear they'll see it in the scan and it'll turn into my having to ask for a private screening and ultimately revealing it. It'd sure be nice to have it on while in flight though... I've had diapers...
  14. Sparkz

    peeing in the car while driving - and working toward just not even realizing you are peeing or leaking

    I find that with male parts driving is the hardest time; something about that seated position puts pressure in just the right spot to make it almost painful to go since it doesn't actually go out.
  15. Sparkz


    You may want to double check your biology. All mammals breastfeed their offspring. Humans are the only species that drink the milk of another species. This is something I've always wanted in a relationship.
  16. Sparkz

    sister inlaw

    It may be a good idea. Your sister-in-law would be less of a threat to your wife than anyone else you could talk to. I would ask your wife if she's OK with you discussing something so intimate with another person and if she seems amicable than ask if the in-law is OK. But... Ask yourself why...
  17. Sparkz


    Returning to topic... Mine knows, 90% of it anyway. She's tolerant but only to a point. I made sure she knew before we started dating and got married.
  18. Sparkz

    Seattle AB/DL Aware Counselor?

    Thanks to one of the ADISC members watching this thread I've been directed to a local professional who is familiar with our world. I'm hopeful I can afford the rates. :D
  19. Sparkz

    Seattle AB/DL Aware Counselor?

    No offense taken at all! I appreciate you're asking questions and offering input. :)
  20. Sparkz

    Seattle AB/DL Aware Counselor?

    For me there is no issue with who I am; I'm finally at a point where I can enjoy it all. My other half though would like a 3rd party to help her understand that it's not a destructive behavior and that my being a DL isn't causing harm by progressing some condition. She knew this about me...