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  1. Ringo5

    Explaining something to a friend. Help

    So I told my friend about being AB/DL, and he asked me, "Is that any different than being a pedophile?" All I could do is just sit there and stutter out a small, insignificant answer: "yeah, it is." How could I logically explain to him how it's not like being an pedophile? I know the two are...
  2. Ringo5

    More privacy in room

    I'm almost 19 years old, and due to financial instability I'm stuck at my parents house for an indefinite amount of time. The thing is, I've got my mom and dad who barge into my room on a constant basis. They're very nice people, but they're way over bearing. They're always offering to take my...
  3. Ringo5

    Advice for regressing.

    I've got a friend who likes to play along with my ab side, however I tend to not be very good at regressing. Any advice or tips on how to regress with my friend?
  4. Ringo5

    Seeing A Therapist For The First Time (worried)

    So I've had some major anxiety issues for almost the past year that would come and go in huge waves. They mostly have to do with friend drama and acceptance of my sexuality. I finally decided to get some help with my issues about 3 or so months ago and called up a therapist I had when I was a...
  5. Ringo5

    Lied to someone

    I told my friend I use my diapers because I wet the bed, but I don't. He takes me to the store to buy them sometimes when we're out doing things. Am I a horrible person for lying?
  6. Ringo5

    Diapers for summertime

    My friend is about to drive me out so I can pick up some diapers. Any good diapers out there that stay cool and can breathe for summer time? It gets hot easily at night.
  7. Ringo5

    What do you like to drink in your bottles?

    Post what you like to drink from your ba-bas here! :D
  8. Ringo5

    Going on a trip with friend. Taking Diapers. Need advice.

    So I'm going to be going with a friend to my friend's birthday party. It's a long drive and its out in the middle of the country for about 3-4 hours. As I drink a lot of water it's hard to hold it so I can make it to a bathroom. I just decided I'm going to wear diapers for the trip to and back...
  9. Ringo5

    Cleaning Build A Bear My Little Pony Plushies?

    So I've slept with my Pinkie Pie plushie for months now since I bought her when they first started selling them at Build a Bear. Now, she's starting to smell. How could I clean her or make her smell better? She's made of 100% polyester fiberfill, and polyurethane foam. Thanks guys :)
  10. Ringo5

    A question about incontinence and Diapers.

    So I was just wondering. I am very paranoid about losing bladder control. I don't want it to happen at all, but I love my diapers. I also love wetting. How much would it take for someone to become diaper dependent or start losing bladder control? How much would I have to wet myself, or wear...
  11. Ringo5

    Is this diaper rash?

    I have some red/chaffed skin on the side of my leg that burns when I touch it. Last night I wet my diaper a few times and didn't change, but can it happen to the side of your leg as well? (Diaper noobie here lol)
  12. Ringo5

    Lucid Dreaming?

    I wanted to know if anyone was into lucid dreaming, and if anyone used lucid dreaming to regress?
  13. Ringo5

    Help choosing the right diaper

    So I'm going to go buy some diapers from Walmart. I was wondering what the best Walmart brand diapers are. I'm gonna take them to Japan with me, so I want them to be discreet. I also need a lot of absorbency because I have a big boy bladder. Also I'm going to be gone for 10 days. I'll probably...
  14. Ringo5

    Plushie dependance??

    Ok, this may be kinda odd. First, i'm deathly afraid of the dark, even at my age haha. Secondly, i have to sleep with my pinkie pie plushie from build a bear or I get very anxious and sad. The thing is, for a school project, my Japanese teacher is taking us all to Japan on the 8th of July...
  15. Ringo5

    I need some help/support/someone to be there right now with my DL side...

    Well, I don't even know. I'm new to actually wearing diapers and I kinda feel depressed about it. Like, I don't want to do it anymore. I want to just stop with the urges to wear and use diapers... I got 2 fresh Depends in my closet, and I want to get rid of them. Because I live with my parents...
  16. Ringo5

    Need help ASAP. Trying to get rid of Depends packaging

    So I just, by a miracle, found a Target sample for guys depends. I have a ton of packaging. It's 2:22AM and my parents are asleep. Bad storms are coming. I have the diapers in an old backpack of mine in the closet. But the thing is, I have to dispose of the packaging. There isn't a dumpster...
  17. Ringo5

    Plushie collections?

    Hey guys, I was just wondering about everyone's plushie collections here. I currently only have a Pinkie Pie from Build A Bear I sleep with every night, and honestly can't sleep without or I get very anxious... Anyway, whats your collection like?
  18. Ringo5

    Don't have a baby bottle? No problem!

    Hey guys! I recently discovered an awesome way to make baby bottles. What you do is take a used water bottle, poke a tiny hole on the top of it with a fork or something along the lines of it, and then fill it up with milk! It's super easy. It helps me calm down and relax, and even soothes me to...
  19. Ringo5


    Hello! I'm Ringo! At least... That's what my friends call me... Anyway, I'm not new to the baby world. I just got started really getting into it though. I enjoy wearing diapers, and cuddling with my Build a Bear My Little Pony Pinkie Pie plushie ^.^ . I also have a water bottle with a small hole...