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  1. Sparkz

    Baby Morgan brand blanket replacement

    I love the waffle knit and silky soft edging of these blankets but the edging falls apart pretty easily. They’re not made anymore so their prices on eBay are over $100 for ones with soft edges. Any suggestions as to an alternative brand? The soft edges are more important to me than the waffle...
  2. Sparkz

    Justice has girls size 22 & 24 plus now!

    This is very exciting! At 6'1" ~170lbs a 24+ top and 22/24+ bottom of pajamas fit me great!
  3. Sparkz

    Wearing through airport security

    Has anybody gone through the US TSA's airport body scanners while diapered? I've avoided it for fear they'll see it in the scan and it'll turn into my having to ask for a private screening and ultimately revealing it. It'd sure be nice to have it on while in flight though... I've had diapers...
  4. Sparkz

    Seattle AB/DL Aware Counselor?

    Does anyone know of an AB/DL aware counselor, psychologist or psychiatrist in the Seattle area? I had a bad experience the last time I was open about it. I anxiously await any responses.
  5. Sparkz

    Furry cartoon?

    Look what I found!
  6. Sparkz

    Abena X-Plus got thinner

    Am I imaging this? I held a new and old one (unused) side to side...and yup, they've lost their thickness apparently!
  7. Sparkz

    What did your mental health professional say?

    I'm looking to see what the common responses were from mental health professionals (therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists etc.) when you told them about your AB/DL/TB/Sissy-isms. After you vote, please post a little bit about the experience and how much you had chosen to tell the person about.
  8. Sparkz

    Kendall Brand

    Discount Adult Diapers, Fast Shipping and Discreet Packaging Any reviews on these?
  9. Sparkz

    Tena Super Fitted Briefs Review

    Normally I like Molicare since they are the thickest I can find but the waist band on them will stretch and never contract leaving you with a saggy diaper. I saw the Tena Supers and saw that they have a "cloth-like" outer layer. This would be great since it'd be quieter for public places and...
  10. Sparkz


    I need a breathable (probably not full plastic lined) diaper. Any suggestions? Breathable because of sensitive skin issues for the gf. A small molicare was too small for her if that helps?
  11. Sparkz

    Size Check

    So... 5"2 110lbs, what size/brand diaper would fit that? and no its not for me. i didnt want to say why i was asking but after reading my post, it sounds creepy. its for the girlfriend who says she's interested in trying it. but i dont know what size to suggest without buying a bunch and...
  12. Sparkz

    Clothing Sizes

    Are there many sissy babies here? I can't find clothes that aren't purely sissy fantasy. I'd like just a simple girly pajama set that fit for a change.
  13. Sparkz

    i has returned

    I used to be on the older forum system under a differant name that I forgot but then disappeared for a while. I'm a DL, a streak of sissy AB. gf is AB/DL aware but we dont talk about it. I really am a forum lurker. If a topic pops up that I feel compelled to speak to, I will, but otherwise I...