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  1. tam1623

    Unexpected Reaction

    It sounds like slow progress which is great, all good wishes (y)
  2. tam1623

    Unexpected Reaction

    Thanks for sharing your experience. Although in the past when I was single I met with care-givers and atended events and stuff. Since being in a relationship for the past 4 years I have kept things discreet myself. I told my partner early in the relationship and she knows I stay connected to my...
  3. tam1623

    what diapers did you wear as a kid

    Terry nappies and plastic pants :)
  4. tam1623

    Abdl Nursery

    I stayed with Mummy Maxine and Derek about 10 years ago and had a lovely time and met a few times afterwards. I would have no problem returning to see them. The rates are very reasonable and Mummy Maxine is a genuine caring lady. Like I would say to anyone who is thinking about visiting any...
  5. tam1623

    The washing line snatch

    For as long as I can remember I was always awkward and shy when around nappies and nappy talk by Mothers. I'm pretty sure my Mum knew that I had some odd attraction and I soon learned to try to hide it even when young. When I was about 11 I had a dream involving nappies and woke up sexually...
  6. tam1623

    (Finished) Matching Mary

    Great story babyann, really enjoying it (y)
  7. Acceptance


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  9. tam1623

    Life long Little

    Welcome, nice to see you here (y)
  10. tam1623

    Seeking Advice and Resources: Telling your SO

    Hope all goes well (y)
  11. tam1623

    The Story Of My Life, How I Became a DL

    Thanks for sharing your story Scotty. There's a lot I can relate to. I'm in a similar situation with my relationship and much appreciate your outlook. Cheers Tam
  12. tam1623

    Visiting an adult Nursery

    Here's some pics of Portsmouth ......
  13. tam1623

    Visiting an adult Nursery

    Yes, I think it was around 2011 when they were in Portsmouth. I spent a lovely evening while Derek and myself were nappied by Maxine and put to bed. I stayed over and had some lovely time with Maxine in the morning as Derek went to work. We went over to Club Luier when it was in Antwerp a year...
  14. tam1623

    Visiting an adult Nursery

    " she slipped her hand underneath my dress as I lay there colouring in to see if I needed changing without saying a word, the same way an adult does with a toddler and I never reacted, I just accepted my position, such a great day " Those are the little touches I just love (y)
  15. tam1623

    Visiting an adult Nursery

    Very well put sbmccue (y)
  16. tam1623

    UK DL here

    I am a nappy/ diaper lover in the UK. I have had a thing for nappies and plastic pants for as long as I can remember. Even as a young boy hearing the word nappy in a conversation or being around nappies would give me a funny feeling and make me blush. It really kicked in in puberty when I used...
  17. tam1623

    Visiting an adult Nursery

    I went to see Nanny Amy too , a lovely experience (y)
  18. tam1623

    Visiting an adult Nursery

    Me too :)
  19. tam1623

    You're welcome CR, always had a thing for nappies and still learning :)(y)

    You're welcome CR, always had a thing for nappies and still learning :)(y)
  20. tam1623

    Hi from Blackpool in the uk 🇬🇧

    Hiya Steve, nice to see you on here (y)