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  1. Julius

    Introducing partner to diapers, advice ?

    Recently myself and my partner decided we have reached the stage where we are both comfortable with exploring a sort of cg/little or dd/lg dynamic. For me diapers are a big part of this and they are completely open to trying but im still rather nervous and not sure of the best way to ease to...
  2. Julius

    Looking for Starcraft 2 players

    Hey nerds Been getting back into Starcraft 2 HoTS trying to get plat atm in ranked, anyway the game recently went Free to download and play for custom and arcade games wondering if anyone played or would be interested in playing either casually or for practice. The arcade games can be...
  3. Julius

    Remember Remember

    Remember remember the fifth of November Gunpowder, treason and plot. I see no reason why gunpowder, treason Should ever be forgot...
  4. Julius

    Starcraft 2 HoTS Beta

    So I was a huge latecomer to Starcraft 2 only really just started taking it seriously recently and only had the game since just pre HoTS beta. Anyway Im stating to play a fair bit more or hoping to anyway to see if I can push diamond or higher, mostly because im super excited about the hots...
  5. Julius

    Happy Issac Newton Day

    Today was Issac Newtons birthday yet another thing to add to why Christmas is awesome =)
  6. Julius

    15 Stone Adult baby youtube link

    I created this thread so a link to the show would be easier to find as i couldnt find a link posted elsewhere on the site Thats part one the rest is on the users channel
  7. Julius

    New Changes to Leauge of legends

    Hello fellow Summoners :p So what do you guys think of the new changes in the preseason? Im really liking what the did for supports but still trying to work out everything else a lot of the new active items seem good. Also the teir 3 boots are great. what have you guys gotten from it ?
  8. Julius

    Leauge of Legends World Championship

    Has anyone else been following the LoL world championship finals? (and the way the screw up the coverage) If so whats your favorite team to win ? Mine is M5 at the moment they are just so solid consistent and classy I hope them and frost play off in the finals. froggen has to be my favourite...
  9. Julius

    Sneaky Samsung advertisment

    Out of interest what did you guys think of this advertising campaign from Samsung during the Iphone 5 I though it was really smart especially in the publicity it generated and the messages it got across. Im more impressed by this marketing stunt but any other attempt i have seen recently. The...
  10. Julius

    Do you ever find that being an AB is selfish ?

    This has come up for me a many times in the past and more recently when I was talking to a Ab/dl friend the other day, and they where saying how all they wanted to do was be supported and where willing to move almost anywhere ( even internationally)if someone would just care for them despite the...
  11. Julius

    Greeting, hello and other such social conventions :P

    Heya everyone Just joined the site obviously been in the community for a while on other sites. I'm just here to check it out and rant aimlessly at people about science and such things that are fun :P I like diapers most obviously ^^. I live in Perth Australia which is nice and horribly...