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  1. Kraiden

    Wow, what happened, guys?

    I highly doubt most people would know me, after all, it's been... what... 3 years? 4? Longer? ADISC was pretty much a defining saga of my life, years ago. The site, the groups of people I met and talked to had such an impact on me. It helped me cope with a difficult part of my life, and I...
  2. Kraiden

    Kraiden's Farewell Thread

    Well, I figured that I need to leave "properly". Some of you already know about the drama from the last farewell Thread, and I really didn't want to leave improperly and on a bad note. Everyone knows my reasons for leaving, and how I feel about ADISC. But it's time for me to go. I always...
  3. Kraiden

    Australian Internet Censorship: Going too far?

    Leaked Australian blacklist reveals banned sites - Wikileaks Very, very interesting read. if this bill gets passed (which I doubt), It could be possible that ADISC could be blocked for all Australians. Technically, the proposed system will reduce our internet speeds by up to 85%. A leading...
  4. Kraiden


    Well, I recently got myself tickets to a coldplay concert, which I had absolutely no idea was coming to Australia. So I'm rather excited, since I've always wanted to see them. I'm just wondering if others have ever been to their favorite band's concert, how was it, any memorable experiences...
  5. Kraiden

    Basic tips for looking after a baby...

    Hope this helped out some aspiring parents! :detective3
  6. Kraiden

    Dissidia - Final Fantasy

    So, who here has had the pleasure of playing it yet? I have, and I've got to say, it's pretty damn fun. Fights get a bit repeditive and it's a pain not knowing japanese, but then again, I'm a sucker for any game with a fully functioning replay editor. *start fanboy mode* And goddamn it's...
  7. Kraiden

    Fallout 3

    So, who here has this yet? I do, and I've gotta say, I'm absolutely loving every single second of it. I do need to say, that it indeed is "Oblivion with guns", but that isn't a bad thing at all. I was worried though, being a fan of the original old computer games, I was one of the people who...
  8. Kraiden


    Well, I've gotta say, It was well worth the wait. Simple and lacking in some areas, but goddamn, it's so much *fun*. Basically, if you have spore, then it's time for you all to post your creations!!
  9. Kraiden

    Oh god, not the 80's. Not breakdancing. Not Humphrey.

    Oh my god. YouTube - Me and my brother Glen Rap Dancing in Humphrey B Bears Movie I think that just made me officially hate the 1980's. I mean, it like collectively raped EVERY SINGLE ASPECT OF MY CHILDHOOD. *epic facepalm that sends out a gigantic shockwave that destroys half of the street*
  10. Kraiden

    Limbo of the Lost

    Wow, The more and more I read into this, the more I realise the "Development team" behind this game are in *so* much legal problems it's not even funny. The entire game, which has been actually distributed and sold, Has plaigarised nearly ever single thing from other games. And I'm not talking...
  11. Kraiden

    Easier buying baby items?

    I guess I'll try to start a discussion up. Do you find it easier buying baby items now then when you did when you were a teenager? I do, actually. It's not nearly half as incriminating seeing a grown man by Baby things when the usual assumption would be that he's a father. A teenager however...
  12. Kraiden

    Get to know your fellow ADISCers... Plushies!

    Well, we've had some surveys in the past for ADISC members to fill out, but why should your plushies be left out from it? All you need to do is help your favorite plushie up to the keyboard and get them to fill out these questions. Starting Out 1: What's your name? 2: How old are you? 3...
  13. Kraiden

    Gallery problems

    Whoa... I uploaded a pic to a private gallery I made, and I check the main gallery page and right there under "recently uploaded pictures" is the picture I put in my passworded private gallery. Is this a bug?
  14. Kraiden

    Digiclipse! I've gotta do it. I can't resist the urge... .... *FACEPALM* *Removes hand, showing smashed in face from the force of the facepalm* Damn Fanboyism.
  15. Kraiden

    Goddamn Bollywood.

    This made me die a little bit inside. "Look familiar? its the famous lobby scene from the 1999 film "The Matrix" shamelessly copied scene-for scene by a lame bollywood film called Awara Pagal Deewana. Watch closely, as when the neo knockoff does the...
  16. Kraiden

    Kraiden VS Humphrey

    This is simple. Me VS Humphrey. Who's better? Who do you like more? Who's more popular? Decide, and let's lay all the speculation to rest! I-.. *Humphrey waddles in holding up a "Vote 1 for Humphrey" sign* Dude. That's cheating. Don't try and out-cute me. Humphrey Sez: Everyone can out-cute...
  17. Kraiden

    I's recruiting!

    While Big bro's away, I want to make a club! I think I'll call it the Plushie Hugglers club! It's really really awesome! If you wants to join, all you needs to do is pledge that you'll give your plushies all the love and attention they need, and hug them and talk to them every day! And if they...
  18. Kraiden


    Hewwo everyone! Big bro went away for a few days, so I gotted online! I tried to log into here, to see if anyone askeded anymore questions in my ask a bear topic, but I made a mistake!! I was on this weird blue screen! I think I accimadentally hacked big bro's account!! now I don't know how to...
  19. Kraiden


    I remembered a bunch of old cartoons I used to watch as a kid, so I figured I'd link them all. I dunno if many people would remember or even know these, since i'm not sure when / if they aired in other countries. So, I'll post old nostalgia filled cartoons, and you all can too! Superted! (God...
  20. Kraiden

    Notice for Members

    Any old subsections everyone wants back, such as the Babyfur forum, or any of the missing forum features such as a gallery, custom user titles, or member groups will come back eventually. Please stop asking for them back, you'll all need to just bear with it all for a few more weeks. Remember...