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  1. Icey


    Who here likes candles? Do you like to burn them by the wick or do you like the warming plates they have that just melt the wax? I like doing both, as the the flickering of the candle light is calming & the heating plate releases more of the scent to me & will make the candle last longer. There...
  2. Icey

    Feedback Requested Threads locked

    I know with the very recent issue with the teen members accounts being closed, but do their threads that they started have to be closed as well? Some could be continued, right, instead of having to start new ones?
  3. Icey

    For the Bronies & Pegasisters

    I found this footed & hooded sleeper that I think you'll like, Rainbow Dash Hoodie Footie by Underboss it's not a bad price for it & the feet can be detached from the sleeper. There is a provided size chart with the listing & it has some nice photos of the product too.
  4. Icey

    Bug Report Latest Picture Bug?

    In the same box where the "Currently Active Members" are listed, there is a section with the latest pictures. Whenever I click on them, I get a box to pop up that states, Invalid Picture specified. If you followed a valid link, please notify the administrator It's on every one of them, I...
  5. Icey


    How many of you are coffee drinkers? Do you like going to a coffee shop, like Starbucks, Gloria Jeans or a local shop in your area or do you like staying at home to make it? Do you have a normal coffee pot or a single cup maker like Keurig makes? How do you like it, straight up, sugar only...
  6. Icey

    Remakes vs. The Original

    With all the remakes of movies that have been done lately & more due out soon, how do you think they stack up against the originals? Did you think they were better or worse that what the original had to offer? What movie do you hope is never touched & remade?
  7. Icey

    Suggestion Pictures

    Is there a way to put in a scroll feature on the box on the forum homepage where the pictures are posted? The reason I ask, it would be nice to be able to see older ones that have been posted, just in case a large amount of new ones are posted & you haven't yet seen all the older ones!! Plus, if...
  8. Icey

    Abandoned Places & Urban Exploration, Part 3

    Since this thread is closed & the one before it is too, I thought about bringing it back, again, as we have new members joining every day & some of them might like this topic, as I do & want to talk about it...
  9. Icey

    Suggestion The Renaming Of A Sub-Forum

    Under the Off-Topic forum, we have 2 sub-forums, "Computers & Games" & "Fun & Games", I was thinking that the "Computer & Games" one should be renamed "Computers & Gaming" to make it stand out more & be more in line with what it is there for, since it now sounds too much like the other...
  10. Icey

    Your Own Theme Song

    Darth Vader, Indiana Jones, Jason Voorhees & Michael Myers have their own theme songs, if you could have your own theme song, what would it be?
  11. Icey


    Such a simple word & an item that doesn't bring much attention at all!! But to a lot of us here, it can mean so much & yet, can be so troublesome at times!! There is the comfort factor of them; whether it be for stress relief, to be able to relive your baby/toddlerhood again or just for fun...
  12. Icey

    Technical Question Location Switch

    Was there a reason behind the switch of the locations of the "Adult Baby" & "Teen Baby" sections on the forum? I think the Teen Baby section being where it was, is a better location for it!! A lot of our newer members seem to come from that demographic & being a teen, seeing that section right...
  13. Icey

    Bug Report The New Featured Posts Header

    The new "Featured Posts" header above the main forum section, is it supposed to auto-open & then self-collapse on its own? It does this every time I go into a part of the forum & then return to the forum's homepage!!
  14. Icey

    Favorite One-Hit Wonders

    What song or songs dubbed a "One-Hit Wonder" do you like & could be called a favorite song of yours?
  15. Icey

    Technical Question Chat Menu

    What has happened to the "Chat" menus? Like on the "Forum" one, you have the click-able links under them, i.e. "New Posts", "Forum Actions" & "Quick Links", but after the upgrade, the link that auto-opened your chosen IRC client has disappeared!! Also, the main forum links stay there, where as...
  16. Icey

    Special Edition Consoles

    With all the special edition consoles that have come out, like for Halo or Gears of War, what would you like to see come out or should've already come out? I think a Resident Evil one would've been great, with Umbrella logos on the controllers & on the console itself!!
  17. Icey

    Girls School Uniforms in Animes

    How many of you would like to own one & from which series is your favorite or favorites? What colors of them so you like the most as well?
  18. Icey


    What girls name would you like to have? This is for everyone & if you already have a girls name since you already are a girl, do you like it or would you like to have another name instead? This is just for fun & if you want to do this, what middle name would you choose to have as well?
  19. Icey


    How many of you like the topic of shipwrecks & have studied a lot about them? With the 100th Anniversary of the greatest ocean liner to ever set sail, the R.M.S. Titanic coming up on the 15th of April & the re-release of the blockbuster movie about her on Wednesday, I thought it'd be nice to...
  20. Icey

    Abandoned Places & Urban Exploration

    Since this thread is closed, I thought it would be nice to bring back it in a new form!! What is your take on abandoned places, no matter what that place is? Also, what is your take on exploring them, often referred to as urban...