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  1. AEsahaettr

    I don't know what to do.

    You've got a few potential outlets. The easiest is to indulge yourself in wetting games in clothes other than diapers. Don't get me wrong, I love using diapers over anything else, but peeing in underwear and pants is fun too. I see you're a girl, so putting on as many pairs of panties as you...
  2. AEsahaettr

    Discrimination against male abdls

    This is the point I don't think enough people understand- it just is what it is. I'm bisexual and close to evenly split, and can tell you that the aesthetic and kink of using diapers and wearing baby paraphernelia tends to mesh a lot better with the aesthetic of female anatomy, for reasons that...
  3. AEsahaettr

    Good Abdl dating sites

    Unless you're a straight/bisexual girl. In which case, literally any of them are fantastic. Edit: This was my post #4444. Cool beans.
  4. AEsahaettr

    Has Trump totaly lost the plot ?

    I mean I'm just joining this thread but reading back the problem isn't that you have unpopular opinions, it's that your anger is bordering on unhinged. Restructuring your posts to give them a little more coherency of thought wouldn't hurt either. I'm reading your posts and understanding what...
  5. AEsahaettr

    Telling Girlfriend

    "She knows that I recently started wetting the bed and that I've been wearing diapers for that. "
  6. AEsahaettr

    Most annoying modern technologies?

    Vision alone uses about 40% of your brain, the visual cortex being the largest anatomical component. You use all the parts of your brain, but at any given time some sections will be more active than others based on what you're doing. Parts of your brain go into low power mode if they aren't...
  7. AEsahaettr

    Most annoying modern technologies?

    I think this is something that modern society has completely lost perspective on. A couple weeks ago I read a post someone made on Reddit that 200 years ago, listening to music while you cook dinner would have been incredibly expensive. I had to stop and think about that for a while and it's...
  8. AEsahaettr

    Leveling Up on ADISC

    Wait, so DCs and TCs aren't a thing any more? Awesome, I always did feel like I had a lot of rather asinine and worthless posts I was holding back on.
  9. AEsahaettr

    Jersey Diaper Lover :D

    Also from Central Jersey! And a Stockton grad so my Jersey Shore credentials are in order. Welcome!
  10. AEsahaettr

    A permanent AB Little Girl Lifestyle

    There seems to be a feeder fetish there that she's not aware of... and feeder fetishes very often manifest with a partner who's not an uwilling participant but is unaware she's (usually a she) intentionally being fattened up. She does not sound happy about her weight gain but her daddy is...
  11. AEsahaettr

    Other people want me to. Stop wear diaper

    There's also the possibility that diapers are causing problems for makena43 and this mystery girl's concerns are legit.
  12. AEsahaettr

    A permanent AB Little Girl Lifestyle

    Geez. Was no one seeing that as an abusive relationship or were we just not saying it?
  13. AEsahaettr

    Has Trump totaly lost the plot ?

    The end result it right but you really aren't understanding what makes Trump tick. He absolutely understands the lack of respect. This isn't even hyperbolic, he actually said that when the US signed the Paris Agreement, the world laughed. He's very intentionally a bull in a china shop and...
  14. AEsahaettr

    A permanent AB Little Girl Lifestyle

    Being a sissy has a strong aspect of humiliation. Some sissies don't even identify as girls, but are specifically boys and/or non-ageplayers but are "forced" into age and gender play.
  15. AEsahaettr

    Are there any other married ABDL's in this community???

    I've been with my wife for 15 years and married for going on 2!
  16. AEsahaettr

    Telling Girlfriend

    I'm 100% in favor of us telling our partners at the right time, but the details of what ABDL is to you and how you frame those details is vital. IMO there are a lot of details left out that matter here. Like a lot a lot. Where does your interest in diapers coming from? Is the bedwetting...
  17. AEsahaettr

    My fiancee is giving me 5 days of 24/7! Tips?

    Ok, so here's some background. My fiancee has gotten a lot more comfortable with my diaper use over the last few years. I've worn the quite a bit over that time but because we've been a long-distance couple nearly the entire time my diaper use around her is limited. Mainly because me wearing...
  18. AEsahaettr

    What diapers still have three tapes?

    Hey all, so my better half wants to buy me some diapers for Christmas. Which I'm super happy about and giving her suggestions, because I know she doesn't want to be left out in the cold for this. In conjunction with a thread I made earlier about lightweight diapers, I need some info. Are...
  19. AEsahaettr

    What's your favorite lightweight diaper?

    While all the diapers I've ever worn are special in their own way, at any given time my stockpile has two "types" of diaper in it. The first is a type of diaper we've talked about on this site at length. A diaper that's bulky and is super absorbent to soak up a lot of wettings and be worn for...
  20. AEsahaettr

    I need ideas for diaper play with a partner.

    So if anyone's followed my post history closely, you'll know that an ever-evolving part of my life is my fiancee's involvement in diaper play with me. For anyone who could use a refresher, here's a brief history. When I first told her about ABDL she was a bit freaked out but still loved me...