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    Amazing Diaper Twitter Technology.. Tweet when you wet without doing a thing but wetting.

    it's a bedwetting alarm that transmits to twitter, I don't see why this is amazing...kinda seems lazy.
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    Baby pants sizing question

    I'm a size 28-29 waist and I got a small onesie and it was way too big at the crotch...I tried to shrink it a bunch of times but to no avail...if really recommend someplace else for a onesie. on the other hand I did also get their training pants in a size small and I love em. avi edit: I also...
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    my secret Dad, he'll never know

    I'm not one for opening up about this sort of thing, but wih my last girlfriend I was really considering it and going over it in my head a bunch of times. We broke up before I made the move on this part of my life but I did think, that I think, I thought of a way to break it down a bit easier on...
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    Understanding Adult Babies & Diaper Lovers Explained

    I'm not going to do a whole speech and debate... all I will say is: that was amazing; you are amazing. honestly, I found that to be awesome, really well done, clear; forthright, definitive, and also managed to be lighthearted. I really appreciate what you did and I commend you. you're really...
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    New Years Eve in Times Square

    I've lived in New York my whole entire life and not once have I wanted to go to time square on nye. even when I was little I used to think "that looks uncomfortably crowded" lol if I did go I'd probably wear one for the convienence but then again wouldn't your pee get cold fast? I don't know...
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    UK adult baby television program broadcast date

    I guess not all press is good press after all? :D Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and the people who said that awful stuff on twitter, I can assure you- have something to hide as well. A secret that others might find just as disturbing. We are human beings who go through life, in our own...
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    UK adult baby television program broadcast date

    I haven't seen the show, but the youtube comments cracked me up, honestly. I know some of you might find those comments mean spirited and such but....damn that just crack me up. One guy said "thats not weird. I have a weirder fetish that that" which just made me smile. Honestly, to me, those...
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    Worst movie youve ever seen

    Every Rob Schneider film. I have a lot of 'worst' films...I am a big movie buff, but I really can't decide on one- and since this thread is called 'worst movie' not movies, I wont list, but I will say one thing...the Notebook sucked :P
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    This section is for why not tell us something about yourself instead of just telling us what's in your pants? I know this is a diaper forum but we also like the community aspect, so an introduction of you would be nice Welcome to adisc.
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    Confession: Bothered by music addiction.

    I don't understand...this isn't the old country where everyone knows their neighbors and when walking around in the street can strike up a conversation with anyone...I live in a big city, and I can tell you that if you don't put in your headphones and zone out...crazies will be the ones most...
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    Who diapers you

    No one but me :( thanks for the reminder :D jk... but seriously :(
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    Dungarees = Awesome

    Those are super awesome! Just wondering, how do they feel when you are diapered under? Is it tight, I find that problem sometimes with babyish clothing...and it always irritates me.
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    mixed emotions

    Agree with above, go to a doctor ASAP and if you can't get a doctors visit in the next day or so, go to the hospital, you need to have this document. The longer you wait, the more leverage the insurance company has to say "well, you didn't go to a doctor soon enough so it might not even be...
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    Hi I'm Bobbie sue

    Where's Billy Joe? :D (oh garsh I hope someone gets that reference) Welcome to the site! you sound like a very well rounded guy and in sure you'll be able to bring a lot to the adisc table :)
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    so, is downtide right about his noise assertion?
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    if this is a question, then I think he is asking if one could avoid suspicion around this time of year-buying embarrassing things for oneself, because everyone is usually buying things for someone else during the holidays? did I get that right? If so, then sure, you could...but no one usually...
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    Awkward Social Situation

    ^ I don't think there are more people who want to divulge their fetish or lifestyle than those who don't. I believe that misconception arises from people starting threads saying they want to tell someone..but no one is going to start a thread titled "Help!!! I don't want to tell anyone"...
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    New England Diaper Enthusiast May Be Seeking Plea Deal

    Alright, let's back up a bit. Maybe it is hard to find a mommy or whatever, but it's certainly not hard to find a hooker. If this guy wanted a mommy figure he would not of hired a nurse...if he is paying a woman to satisfy his sexual needs; he should at least inform them, don't you think? And...
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    I am Serif

    Hey there Serif! It's great that you built up the courage to join the forum. This was a good first choice, this forum is extremely chill and low pressured...lost of topics have noting to do with dlism while others have some great information and advice that can give you more confidence. I...
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    What's your Diaper fail?

    Actually just last night I was going to get ready for bed and because I didn't have to wake up early I decided to wear two diapers instead of one. I wanted to get the diapers ready before I did all my other night time stuff; so I cut slits in the plastic of one diaper and left it on the side...