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    Dadious Diapers

    So all in all I am rather pleased with them. They seem to fit a lot more fitted than most of the plastic pants I have tried (they don’t seem excessively baggy). For some, that may not work well. But I prefer wearing over underwear and not bulky cloth diapers. The print is cute, clear and...
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    Tykables B grade diapers

    Personally I love this concept. It’s great to know that these useable products are not just being thrown out and wasted.
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    Dadious Diapers

    Decided to order a small and medium. Not really sure what to expect but we’ll see. I’ll post back on whether they seem worth the price or not once they arrive.
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    Finding a thread

    Finally found it .... started thinking I dreamt it. The thread for anyone interested
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    Finding a thread

    I believe these had a print and were designed to look as close to a disposable as possible... a bit different from standard contour. ... also, it was not my post. So won’t be in the profile > postings. Thanks anyways, it’s a long shot.
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    Finding a thread

    I was looking for a thread that was posted a while back, but can’t recall the name... there was reference to a reusable diaper that closely resembled a disposable diaper, though costly. Does anyone recall the name?
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    Fresh diaper minority

    This is the reason I get tired of every new diaper being 5-6000+ absorbency... after use, I prefer to change sooner than later. That is a huge waste of anything ABDL. So either you buy the printed and have a lot of waste, or settle for medical / store brands, or just tolerate the used diaper as...
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    I Received a Letter From Ninjamas Today

    Does anyone know if the new and improved fit have any indication on the package stating that it is improved?
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    Rearz ‘Black’ Training Pants w/ Waterproof Layer

    I would love to see this as an option in the future. If I could sew, I’d put a pul layer in the core area. Sometimes the training pants are absorbent enough but they leak through to the pants before getting absorbed. Having a barrier would help contain the minor leaks from being visible -...
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    Today I thought it finally happened, a big leak while standing in line

    I’ve constantly had these ... even when not padded. To the point of getting up and going in the bath room to change and not a drop there. It is a weird feeling, for sure.
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    Rearz ‘Black’ Training Pants w/ Waterproof Layer

    Would love to try these if they had different designs. Not a fan of the all black.
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    New bigger sized goodnites coming Mar. 2021

    My fear is that the “mistakes” with the tighter waist band was actually a secret test run. And those are going to become the new large size and the current will be packaged as XL with little change. This would allow them to keep locking horns with Ninjamas who claim a larger size than...
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    Nobody likes thinner comfortable diapers anymore (Opinion)

    I really miss the tykables diapers that use to be day time discrete. They were just about perfect. ... I personally don’t like being in a soaked diaper. After one or two wettings, I am ready to change. To me, the feeling of a dry diaper after wearing a wet one is grand. :)
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    Little dreamers vs nursery blue

    Is there much of a difference between the Little Dreamers and the Little trunks or nursery blue offerings from Little For Big? I’ve gathered from previous posts that the trunks/nursery are softer and maybe thinner, just looking for confirmation.
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    Adult Pullups and room for improvements (ABDL)

    I don’t mind the waist material... I just want one with padding that fully covers both front and back. DryDirect isn’t bad. RealFits have good front coverage but no back coverage; and to stiff. If a great pull-up came out, I’d probably switch to that exclusively.
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    Thinnest diaper with elastic waistband

    I wish there were more ABDL options that were thinner with elastic waistband. I don’t mind changing more than once a week ;)
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    Parent's Choice Nighttime Underwear, bigger than Goodnites.

    Any comparison to the parent choice available in the USA? May pick some up sometime, but hate wasting.
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    Parent's Choice Nighttime Underwear, bigger than Goodnites.

    I thought these had prints on them last time I tried them... about a year ago. Have they switched back to all white? Also are they the same that is found in a standard Walmart? The last time I tried them they were a lot more snug than goodnites.
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    Granny panty style Pull-Ups

    I don’t mind the granny panty siding as much as the lack of full size padding. The dry direct have the most full size padding of any I have tried, but they still aren’t there yet.
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    Dynamic Diaper Preferences

    My favorite part is the diaper to peak over the waist band, slightly.... my preferences change as soon as a place an order :) I always end up wanting the other ones.